Why growing companies love Simplicant

Simplicant’s talent acquisition software makes candidate sourcing straightforward so HR teams can engage better, hire faster and optimize spend.

Simple & Fast

  • Benefit from an easy-to-use platform intuitively designed to facilitate organization-wide adoption and online recruitment
  • Quickly publish job postings, source from multiple channels, conduct interviews and find top talent faster
  • Enjoy a modern, navigable user interface
  • Customize your Careers site to attract top talent
We tried other applicant tracking systems, but with Simplicant we were able to cut through the clutter right away. It's simply a smarter system that helps accomplish our recruiting goals more effectively
- Dan Macarie, Nosto Solutions

Scalable & Adaptable

  • Adapt the platform to your organization’s unique hiring process and culture
  • Configure the platform by adding custom hiring workflows, email templates, job application forms, and evaluation scorecards
  • Scale your employee onboarding campaign and manage access for users with predefined roles
  • Stay on top of your hiring team with insightful email alerts and notifications for the entire team
Simplicant has been a great choice for PayU as we have grown rapidly across Latin America in multiple locations. It helps us keep our entire sourcing and hiring processes organized, while language support makes it possible for us to easily work across different countries. Simplicant helps us manage and take control of the entire recruiting process with its easy to use platform and excellent customer service
- María Camila Rodríguez, PayU Latam

Collaborative & Data-driven

  • Keep track of all applicant tracking activities on a beautified Dashboard
  • Visualize the hiring data and evolve your recruitment process through analytics
  • Engage the entire organization using employee referrals and leverage social media for talent acquisition
  • Promote teamwork and timely hiring team feedback through evaluation scorecards
As a premium fashion and consumer brand, it was important for us to effectively manage and elevate our employer image. We looked at many solutions and decided to go with Simplicant as it easily stands out as a modern, feature-rich and easy to use platform. We are now able to collaborate as teams; streamline our sourcing, manage the interviewing and decision processes across functions and geographies via one integrated platform
- Krista Grega, DVF

Modern & Centralized

  • Centralize the complete hiring process in one single recruiting platform, from planning the job to sending the offer letter
  • Go paperless; store all the data in an easy-to-access and secure, cloud-based platform
  • Drive decision-making through centralized and streamlined HR software so top talent never slips away
  • Maintain complete candidate profiles in one central system
We wanted something that was easy and quick to get started with yet had the deep functionality and features necessary to operate in a collaborative environment. We are very happy that we selected Simplicant for our recruitment technology and applicant tracking needs
- Ida Wate, MAG Interactive