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10 Tips For An Effective Recruiting Software Comparison

When you are looking to do a recruiting software comparison or review applicant tracking systems, you are clearly ready to make a major change to how your company manages its hiring process. While choosing and implementing a new software solution is a significant logistical challenge, understanding what to look for in a review is a critical first step.

Streamlining your hiring process brings many benefits to your organization including these:

  • Faster and better sourcing
  • Easier tracking of job applicants
  • Efficient use of resources in the hiring process
  • Web-based collaboration
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Better Hiring, better retention

Now that you’re ready to make a change, how should you go about your recruiting software comparison? Below, we have outlined the 10 must-know tips to follow in your selection process. Use these tips to make the best possible decision for your company’s HR.

1. The Right Functionality

You will need to critically evaluate functionality during your recruiting software comparison. Most importantly, you should look for those features that your organization needs and avoid spending time on functionality that a product may offer but you are not likely to use. Remember that you are looking for something that is simple enough for your organization to learn, yet provides the necessary capabilities in a robust platform that you can rely on.

As you review different applicant tracking systems, focus first on the core applicant tracking functionality. Don’t settle for a ‘solution’ that is short on the core functionality but compensates for it with some other non-critical features that you may have no use for. After all, getting the right core functionality in place is the reason you’re looking for a new recruiting system in the first place.

2. Convenience

The goal of any new software is to improve your workflow and make things easier for everyone. The recruiting software comparison process can sometimes throw a lot at you. It’s easy to get bogged down in features lists, added options you may never use or even a shiny, flashy interface. However, none of these components matter if they’re not making your applicant tracking and hiring process better.

Don’t lose sight of this very basic but critically important point. Keep convenience high on your list as you speak with vendors and compare products. Is the platform easy to use by all stakeholders? Does it provide the right kind of access control levels that you will need?

3. A Complete Solution for Your Needs

Why are you searching for a new software platform for applicant tracking? Is it because you want to add more steps to your process? Do you want to spend more time in the hiring process than you already do?

Obviously the answer to those questions needs to be a resounding “no!” Your goal here is to make your life easier from the tracking and management standpoint. One of the best ways to do that during your recruiting software comparison process is through an all-in-one approach.

The best platforms are integrated so that you’re connected to every component you’ll need.

Don’t settle for recruiting software that doesn’t give you simplicity – or you’re in for an even bigger headache while managing your applicants.

4. Flexibility

Effective hiring and applicant management platforms can deliver all the major options you need. But should they also include the features you don’t want or need? From a professional standpoint, unneeded aspects of a platform just seem like bloatware to you. They’re applications or options that only stand in the way of the job you’re trying to complete.

Rather than simply deal with unnecessary components, opt for flexibility when going through your recruiting software comparison. That way you can choose only what you need and when you need it.

A fair warning, though: sometimes you simply may not know what’s currently available in the market prior to your recruiting software comparison. A few points below will expand on this a bit. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a useful feature just because you didn’t know about it!

5. On-Point Recruiting Software Comparison from Vendors

A recruiting software comparison doesn’t just mean reviewing a list of available features. It includes technical support, services and turnaround time on any other help that you may need from the vendor. Larger vendors may sometimes use their size and scale to overwhelm potential customers into believing that they are in the best position to provide the best support. However, you may find smaller vendors to be more nimble and eager to get your business. Carefully review your options as you are likely to get a better overall offering from a smaller, yet fast-moving vendor who is able to respond to your growing needs much faster and with more dedication. Don’t let a larger vendor’s pushy sales pitch talk you into something you may not want or need.

Ultimately, go with the option that gives you everything you need in a recruiting solution. If you are looking for modern recruiting technology, you are more likely to get that from a modern and fast-moving applicant tracking platform vendor.

6. Worthwhile Data Analytics

We say ‘worthwhile’ data analytics because not all data tools are created equal. It’s easy to advertise data compilation and reporting in practically any software package. But will that reporting add any value or use within your employment structure?

This step requires a bit of legwork on your end – prior to working with vendors. Understand the type of data analysis you’ll need within your organization. This could include different types of recruitment related reporting that your organization likes to review. Once you know exactly what type of data you will need, ensure that whatever software solution you choose is able to provide you with these options. An important part of your recruiting software comparison and short-listing is to weed out the worthless or less relevant options during your recruiting software comparison.

7. Simplified Connectivity to Social Media

Social media is the heartbeat of connectivity in our world. Professionally speaking, it serves an equally important purpose. You can find unbelievable talent directly through a well orchestrated social media recruiting campaign. Does your recruitment platform have the essential social recruiting capabilities that you will definitely need to reach top talent?

Make sure that your recruiting software comparison is able to help you identify the systems that can provide the social media integration that you will need for building a successful recruiting process.

8. Job distribution via multiple channels and job boards

When it comes to finding great applicants, you’ll catch the fish where they’re feeding. In the current hiring universe, that typically means you’ll find prospective employees on social medial outlets or specific job boards. Wouldn’t your job be easier if your hiring management system could help distribute the jobs through multiple channels in just a few simple steps.

This type of integration is a key aspect of the level of comprehensiveness you are looking for in a recruiting software comparison. Modern systems provide these options to come built right into your platform. And the “flexibility” in choosing the various platform options can deliver just the features that you want and will be useful to you. Don’t ignore this simplifying element in your recruiting software comparison. Streamlined job distribution will help achieve the goal of simpler hiring within your organization.

9. Branded Career Site

Creating and branding your company career site is an essential element of your hiring strategy. The career site is where candidates can learn more about your business, read about the position details, or be directed to the appropriate sources should they have any questions.

The career site for your company is not just a place where qualified employees come to apply for open positions. This site is also a place where potential hires can learn more about corporate culture and the workplace environment. Here is a perfect opportunity to impart just what it feels like to work at your company. Finding the right fit between the personality of a candidate and the “personality” of a company is essential in employee retention.

Make sure to look for the ease with which you can create and manage a branded career site using your new recruiting software. This would be an essential element of your hiring process.

10. Make the Choice That’s Best for Your Company

Finally, you have to rely on your company’s strategic focus as your final consideration in your recruiting software comparison. No matter how many options, features or packages you see, make a choice that works best for your internal company structure. It has to be a platform that your team is able to adapt to easily and will use for a long period of time. Choose the recruiting system will add the most value and simplicity to your hiring process.

Have questions about selecting an applicant tracking system or recruiting software? We will be happy to go over the above with you in detail – contact us.

Photo by Dietmar Becker on Unsplash