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3 New Ways To Use LinkedIn In Recruitment Plan

Are you looking to connect with your next great candidate? Combining professional social media giant LinkedIn with a great recruitment platform and applicant tracking system such as Simplicant makes a smarter recruitment plan for finding the best talent. LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding top quality candidates, especially passive candidates. Once you have located these top-notch candidates, you can use Simplicant to build an impressive talent pipeline for your company.

Here are some tips and tricks for your recruitment plan to leverage LinkedIn more effectively in your overall talent acquisition strategy.

Endorsed Skills

The endorsed skills section allows you to easily see if a candidate has the skills necessary for your open position. Only 17 percent of 516 hiring managers said that job seekers have the skills and traits their organization is looking for in a candidate. Looking at those figures on the skills shortage, LinkedIn’s endorsed skills can go a long way towards helping you find candidates with the qualifications your company needs.

In the endorsed skills section, candidates can choose a list of the skills which best represent their abilities and qualifications. Then coworkers, employers, and clients can visit the candidate’s profile and endorse the skills in which they believe the candidate excels. The skills others choose to endorse will tell you a lot about the candidate’s best abilities.

For instance, maybe your candidate hasn’t properly touted their organizational skills in their application or resume. But every person who has visited this candidate’s page has endorsed their organizational and planning abilities. Now you know this candidate is most likely the organized superstar you’ve been looking for.

Instead of weeding through applications only to find out the candidate is all wrong for the job in the interview, endorsed skills can give your recruitment plan the assistance of outside verification on your talent’s abilities. Used in conjunction with Simplicant’s social recruiting platform, endorsed skills can help your company streamline hiring.

Group Engagement

Get active in groups and discussions to find top talent. It is important to know what your top prospects are talking about and what is important to these candidates. You can also use groups to post your open positions and get these jobs in front of the candidates who will be most interested in applying for them.

You might even want to consider creating your own LinkedIn group to keep talent within your own organizational pipeline. This way, you can spark discussion while reminding candidates sporadically of your open positions.

Whether in your own branded group or in an industry-specific talent community, you’ll want to remember the 80/20 rule. This rule states you should share content and add to the discussion 80 percent of the time and only promote yourself 20 percent of the time. While it might be tempting to jump into every conversation gushing about your open positions, remember the best way to engage with candidates is to add to the conversations they care about.

Mobile Optimization

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, the job hunt has gone mobile. With LinkedIn’s mobile optimization, it’s easier than ever before for job seekers to look at your job descriptions on-the-go. Using a social recruitment platform like Simplicant, your company can publish jobs to several social media outlets, including LinkedIn. These jobs can then be viewed by talented job seekers wherever life takes them, as long as they have a mobile device along for the journey.

In fact, 73 percent of companies are currently using or intend to use mobile technology to supplement their recruitment plans. This is no surprise — according to the Pew Center for Research, the vast majority of Americans – 97% – now own a cellphone of some kind. And these candidates are more plugged in than ever before — 91 percent of Americans have their smartphone within reach 24/7, meaning there’s always a quick moment to hop online and browse through job postings.

Using a social recruiting solution in your recruitment plan enables your employees and the entire network to easily share your job openings on LinkedIn. This provides a great way to attract and turn tech-obsessed candidates in your friends’ networks into your company’s next superstars.

Connecting with candidates, evaluating skills, and getting your jobs in front of talent on-the-go are all great ways to use LinkedIn to find the candidates your company needs. Combining a next-gen recruitment platform like Simplicant and a vast social network of professionals like LinkedIn is a great way to get your recruitment plan to deliver the talent you need to notice your open positions.

What are some new ways you use LinkedIn in your recruitment plan to connect with talent?

Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash