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3 Tips To Power Your Recruiting Strategies

A targeted and effective recruiting strategy is crucial to hiring quality employees.  Recruiting strategies can benefit a lot by streamlining the company operations with a recruiting software platform. Growth hacking techniques are designed to expand the user base of a specific product or service that the company sells.  These techniques when applied to recruiting strategies result in a powerful combination of creativity and innovation aimed at increasing brand awareness and exposure.

Adopt and integrate these key growth hacking strategies as a component of your overall HR and recruiting strategies to enhance the effectiveness of locating and hiring high quality employees.

Attract and Acquire Talent Virally and Digitally

Traditional recruiting strategies are becoming outdated and ineffective.  Attempts to interact with potential candidates using older traditional methods may cause prospects to assume that your company operates in the past.  In order to keep up with the trends and continue to attract the best employees, you must ramp up your recruitment marketing methods.  Use social and digital platforms to connect with candidates.  There are many ways that you can use the impact of the internet and other forms of digital communications to reach a larger number of people, all at once.  You can build interesting video campaigns about your business and get those in your community or industry to share these.  You can also ask all of your current employees to contact and refer a friend  to the company.  Information and ideas can spread quickly through word-of-mouth and can have an astounding impact.  Social media and digital outlets are a necessary component in your recruiting strategies.

Distribute your Content

The entire recruiting and hiring progression isn’t composed entirely of interactions and direct communication with potential candidates.  Some of the most effective components that make up successful recruiting strategies are indirect methods.  When sharing insights about your company, you should focus on creating an employer brand and image that attracts talent.  This includes distributing your content through channels where you are most likely reach your target audience.  Implement a company blog to showcase your work, new product capabilities and other ideas that would attract top talent. Create a brand that is appealing and desirable to those who work, or will work for your company. It is important to take the time to create and maintain an impressive and attractive career site brand.

Optimize your Online Marketing Campaign

Optimize your online marketing campaign to reach the right people, in the right way.  Consider having a weekly or monthly newsletter to which potential applicants can subscribe.  This is a great way to distribute important information about the company, its goals, and current projects.  Dedicate a section to directing those interested in being part of the company to your career site and job listings.  Use the endless social recruiting resources offered by social media platforms to your advantage.  Create an aspect of your online marketing campaign and recruiting strategy directed solely at appealing to and attracting top quality candidates.

The above hiring hacks have been derived from growth hacking and digital marketing techniques. With a recruiting software platform and applicant tracking system, they can be applied to recruiting strategies to increase the efficiency and success of your hiring process. These three growth hacking recruiting styles are aimed at enhancing your pool of potential candidates. Integrate these methods into your current recruiting process to get the most out of your hiring efforts.

What are some of your favorite hacks to boost your recruiting strategies?

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash