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Hiring Strategy: 4 Reasons To Use Same Day Job Offer

When your company is feeling the pain due to unfilled critical positions, finding a great candidate who is a good match could be the lucky break your team has been looking for. Not only does this person have great qualifications and experience, but they just nailed the job interview. Everyone involved feels really great about the candidate’s future with the company. Still, your hiring strategy includes a lot of red tape to work through before the hiring is finalized. When your company finally puts forth an offer, you receive terrible news..that your superstar candidate has already taken a job with a competitor. This could have been avoided if your hiring strategy allows for the same day job offer.

This hiring strategy is not new to employers and recruiters, however certainly more prevalent in this economy and the apparent war for talent. According to CareerBuilder, 66% percent of job seekers don’t even wait two weeks to hear back from a company before they move on to another opportunity. This is no surprise when looking at the fact that the typical time between the first interview and the job offer is clocking in around 22.5 days for graduates.

Instead of bleeding talent, why not consider the same day job offer as an important tactic in the implementation of your hiring strategy? It might seem risky to make a job offer on the spot, but if your company does its homework, this could be a smart tactic. Here are some reasons to consider the same day job offer:

Get the most talented candidates first

The biggest reason for the same day job offer is to avoid losing top talent to competing companies. When a candidate applies for your open position, they might not have any other leads in sight. However, if you find the candidate to be compelling, it stands to reason other companies might as well. While you wait two weeks or more to decide whether or not to hire, another company can easily swoop in and steal your potential employee.

The same day job offer could be the solution to this problem by ensuring your company’s hiring strategy let’s you get there first. You can show hires just how serious you are about their future in the company. They will be flattered and more likely to take you up on the offer before another company gets the opportunity to snatch them away.

Shorten the hiring process

One of the biggest advantages of a quick job offer is that it shortens the processes dictated by your hiring strategy, saving companies a ton by reducing the costs associated with unfilled critical positions. It removes the traditional rounds of interviews with multiple candidates. Now if you find a candidate you like, you can start the actual hiring immediately.

It is important for the entire team to be on the same page in terms of your company’s hiring strategy prior to key interviews. Use your recruiting platform to do the important pre-interview legwork. Before interviewing your top candidates, determine the skills, qualifications, and personality attributes you need to fill the position. Your applicant tracking software can help you with your hiring strategy and in branding your company as attract hires that match your needs. With no confusion on what the company is looking for in a candidate, the interview process can become the final hiring frontier. Any concerns will be alleviated if a member of your team cannot make the interview since everyone else has already looked at all the candidate information available via the collaborative recruitment system and validated the type of candidate you are searching for.

Less time with an unfilled position

With the same day job offer, the most obvious benefit is that open positions can be filled faster. This results in less work for your current employees. Instead of spending weeks trying to get hiring approvals from a variety of people, you can now have a new employee receiving on-the-job training.

With the same day offer, your company’s hiring strategy comes across as more serious and genuine about bringing the right people on board without wasting time. A candidate who accepts a same day job offer is likely more ready and sincere about the opportunity than those who make you wait. A fast offer and acceptance process is also likely to keep the back and forth negotiations to a minimum. The new employee will be ready to start at your company and hit the ground running.

Decision-making made easy

It can sometimes be hard to get all the people you need to interview your candidate in the same place at the same time. This is a major reason why many companies are not able to take advantage of the same day job offer. Your company might want to lock down a talented candidate, but there are still team members who need to evaluate him or her. Perhaps your CEO needs to be included in the process but is much too busy to make your designated interview time.

This does not have to rule out the same day offer. If you have a talented candidate you do not want to lose, design your hiring strategy to accommodate contingent offers based on the CEO or final team members having an opportunity to meet the candidate. Since your team has already established clear guidelines on what you need in this new hire, making a strong contingent offer is still possible. This provides your company as well as the job candidate some assurance that the process is moving in the right direction. With this confidence established on both sides, the job seeker will be less likely to seek out other offers while waiting to hear back from you.

Finding, selecting and hiring top candidates can be a difficult process at times; however, when a candidate seems to be the perfect fit from the get-go, make it an important aspect of your hiring strategy to act fast and make the most of the opportunity available. With clear guidelines and evaluation criteria your team can effectively and efficiently make same day job offers and get the best candidates into your open positions. Leverage Simplicant’s recruitment software and collaboration capabilities for your hiring needs. Contact us for a free trial today!

What do you think of the same day job offer as a key tool in your hiring strategy? What benefits can you think of for speeding up the hiring process?

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