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4 Ways To Innovate Your Hiring Process

The rapid adoption of cloud computing, social media connectivity and always-on mobile access mark the beginning of the new year and continue to fundamentally change how businesses and individuals interact. With the newer paradigms becoming more prevalent and mainstream, many industries are realizing that older and traditional hiring methods are quickly becoming irrelevant and ineffective. Employers must get creative and innovative with their hiring regiment. Without implementing and integrating these enhanced techniques into the hiring process, your company may not be be able to connect with the highest quality job candidates.

Utilizing advanced hiring tools doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. The following are just a few ways you can boost your hiring process in the coming year.

Mobile and Social Recruiting

We exist in a world of constant social connectivity. With the multiple popular social media platforms available and constant access to mobile devices, people are always in close contact. Taping into this medium is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your hiring process. Implementing the use of recruiting software that utilizes a social recruiting component is an effective way to use this tool to your advantage. Creating an employee hiring process compatible with mobile recruiting opens up access to a global talent pool. Increase your exposure to quality hires and ensure that your company is considering the best people for the job.

Employee Referral Reward Program

Current employees of your company are valuable resources when it comes to prospective new hires. Existing staff members have already bought into the company’s values and goals, making it likely that they will only refer people that are compatible with these qualities. Implementing an employee referral reward program will provide an incentive for actively exposing potential employees that will contribute to the overall aspirations of the company and its brand.

Employer Branding

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, making it imperative that companies recognize the need to sell themselves as a company. Competing for the best job candidates revolves around creating an employer brand. This includes considering what it means to work for the company and expressing to potential hires why they should desire a spot on the team. In order for employer branding to be effective, the hiring process needs to be centralized. Recruiting efforts should be performed with the needs and desires of the company, as a whole. Recruitment efforts should not be performed merely to fill a position, but rather, should involve seeking the newest valuable member of the team.

Review Recruiting Methods

In order to effectively change, adapt or alter your recruiting methods to make them more successful, you must be aware of the success rate of current recruiting processes. Examining and reviewing important data from powerful recruiting analytics software is imperative to understanding how successful your hiring process is, currently. Utilizing an applicant tracking system goes above and beyond just storing basic applicant information. This invaluable tool is targeted at creating organized applicant content in a way that can be easily accessed by any company employee. This method caters to team-based decision-making and makes for more successful hiring decisions. This data can give you very specific information regarding the value of your hires, where they are coming from and how long the process takes.

To improve your recruiting methods, you will need to branch out of your traditional methods to adapt and improve the way you acquire talent. With the role that technology plays in our daily lives, use the constant connectivity and digital information access to your advantage. Get innovative with your recruiting process – implement these 4 techniques in your hiring process to see the benefits.

What are some of the ways you will innovate your hiring process this year?

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash