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7 Benefits Of A Great Applicant Tracking Platform

What is a great applicant tracking platform? And more importantly, how does good applicant tracking software really make a difference in a company’s hiring process? Finding and hiring the best talent is an ongoing challenge for growing organizations. Stiff competition for top talent continues to be a reason for HR anxiety for large as well as small companies trying to fill their open positions.  Getting the right people on board within given constraints of time and money may sometimes seem like wishful thinking. One of the best kept secrets of organizations that have their recruiting act together, however, is the quality of their recruitment process. This recruitment process is often entirely dependent on the quality of the applicant tracking system that the company uses.

Whether you are searching for a great applicant tracking platform or just interested in learning about the benefits of modern applicant tracking, the benefits listed below will provide you with the insights necessary to help you pick a great applicant tracking platform for your environment.

Modern Approach

It’s the 21st century, and savvy applicants will be taking notes on your hiring process. From the candidate’s viewpoint, being on the receiving end of a modern applicant tracking system helps them grow confidence in your company, and increases the chances that they’ll accept an offer. Product features such as an easy and mobile-friendly application process, automation in follow-up emails, social engagement and above-average communication from your team will go a long way toward making an impression on potential candidates.

Simplicity and Usability of a Great Recruiting Platform

A great applicant tracking platform is, by definition, simple, streamlined, and easy to use. It hides the complexity of its rich and sophisticated functionality by presenting a simple user interface that makes everything seem easy to do. The platform should enable your team to do much more than store applicant information and resumes. A great applicant tracking platform will enable your team to build and manage a recruitment funnel and serve as collaborative hiring platform streamlining the process for your entire team.

Team Collaboration

A great applicant tracking platform serves as an interface between all stakeholders involved in the hiring process. The platform should help burnish the company’s employer brand, attract candidates and make the application process simpler. It should also simplify the process of working with external recruitment agency partners, as and when needed. When utilizing the right applicant tracking platform with great access control functionality, different stakeholders can be working on their own tasks from anywhere and at any time, while leveraging all the collaborative capabilities of the platform.

Flexibility of the best Applicant Tracking Systems

By choosing a modern, cloud-based solution, you will ensure that your team can effectively utilize the applicant tracking platform from any device. Over the past decade, the number of online employment listings has surged, ads must be mobile friendly, and social media now plays a key role in employee recruitment as well as in building an employer brand. Fast response times are expected and modern cloud-based technology is a must-have for the kind of fast-paced applicant management that is needed for companies to compete for top talent.

Detailed Functionality

A great applicant tracking platform will enable you to keep track of the recruiting performance of different sources that you work with in finding candidates. It will give you access to multiple sourcing channels such as job boards, social media as well as employee referrals in an integrated applicant tracking platform. A great applicant tracking system that is easy to scale will allow you to quickly respond to unexpected changes such as a surge in hiring activity. Analytics will provide you with the insights necessary to understand your recruiting performance so you can make the right adjustments to improve your processes. Access to advanced features and the ability to speed up your recruiting process will give you the competitive advantage you need to turn your recruitment into a successful and sustainable process.

Data-Driven Applicant Tracking System

At every stage of the hiring process, a great applicant tracking platform will use a data-driven approach to keep users fully informed about relevant activity in the hiring process. With a modern data-driven approach to applicant tracking, candidate activity is not only tracked well, select events can be configured to send out notifications as and when needed. A great applicant tracking platform uses a data-driven approach that makes it easy for everyone involved in the hiring process to take action as soon as an important event takes place.

Structured and Organized

One of the most important characteristics of a great applicant tracking platform is also a pretty basic need. Getting a company’s recruitment activity organized is hard to do without proper technology infrastructure. The best HR team combined with hiring managers will find themselves wasting their time when staying organized and keep track of hiring activity are hard to do. A great applicant tracking platform makes sure that all the actions taken on candidate applications are tracked and recorded properly eliminating the need to maintain such information in emails and excel spreadsheets. Never again will a great applicant go missing in the system. A great applicant tracking platform will enable your entire hiring team to house applicant data under one system, and generate scoring and rankings for quick, easy reference. Hiring is a time-sensitive, collaborative environment, and the right recruitment software get a company’s hiring organized and streamlined.

Get Your Great Applicant Tracking Platform

Simplicant combines simplicity and scalability with enterprise grade functionality in an easy-to-use and modern cloud-based environment. Leave average processes to your competitors, where it could take months to bring on a new hire. A modern applicant tracking and recruitment platform can help you can reach and engage top talent where they are most likely to be found, before your competitors can get to them. Request a demo today.

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