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Artificial Intelligence Recruiting: 5 HR Trends

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have come up in a lot of recent discussions we have had with business leaders regarding their HR and recruiting related technology plans for the year ahead. It is fair to say that the expectations from AI span a very broad spectrum. It is also clear that while many are attracted to AI due to the “coolness” or “trendiness” factor, an increasing number of business leaders are now interested in how AI-powered capabilities can improve the efficiencies and outcomes of their hiring efforts.

Here, we highlight some of the practical areas where applying AI is making an impact and helping solve real problems in talent acquisition. What are some of the benefits of AI recruiting?

Most talent acquisition leaders are operating in a recruitment environment that is increasingly chaotic. With a ton of hiring data floating around in enterprise HR systems, it is a huge challenge for organizations to extract useful information from this data to help with recruiting decision-making and ultimately better hiring.

With artificial intelligence making steady inroads into talent acquisition, it is now possible to unlock this data. Most efforts in this area typically start with improvements in routine and repetitive recruiting tasks such as screening and scheduling automation and then progressing into more intelligence-based tasks such as candidate engagement as well as predictions to help with recruiting decision-making. Here are a few areas in talent acquisition where AI and machine learning are making an impact.

Intelligent Sourcing, Screening and Scheduling

Machine Learning algorithms can match candidates with jobs. Moreover, with every open position attracting hundreds of candidates, recruiters and hiring managers are inundated with applications which they cannot review in a given time. AI powered chatbots and video screening tools can help increase the number of qualified applicants that progress to the next stage in the hiring process.

Candidate Engagement

AI recruiting powered chatbots can also help create a compelling candidate experience by increasing engagement and providing notification to keep candidates updated on their application status.

Reducing Bias with AI Recruitment

Unconscious bias is perhaps one of the most common and hard-to-overcome hindrances to quality recruiting. With decision-making driven by machine learning algorithms and insights, artificial intelligence recruiting can help eliminate such biases, creating a more objective and fair hiring process.

Predictive models

Deep, data-driven insights, powered by AI based recruiting technology – during different stages of the hiring process – can enable stakeholders to make hiring decisions that are objective and maximize the probability of success for the candidate as well as the organization.

Fewer errors with Artificial Intelligence Recruiting

The tasks that are automated with AI and machine learning are also less prone to human error and therefore more likely to improve the overall effectiveness of the hiring process.

Over time, with artificial intelligence recruiting, employers and recruiters can spend more time with candidates and less time doing repetitious tasks, ultimately leading to higher productivity and lower cost per hire.

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Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash