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Best Recruiting Software For Growing Companies

As a startup or small business, you probably think you cannot afford the best recruiting software that provides an enterprise-class applicant tracking system and therefore must compromise on the quality of your hiring.

“The first people you hire in your startup are critical to your company’s success,” Brad Feld, co-founder of the Foundry Group, wrote in a recent blog post.

The best recruiting software solutions are more accessible than ever. Thanks to Simplicant’s recruitment software and applicant tracking system tapping into the power of social recruiting, hiring the best people is within reach for every startup and small business.

Whether recruiting for a growing business or a fledgling startup, hiring the right people is critical – and you need the best recruiting software solution to help manage your hiring process. Your small business or startup needs cost-effective and scalable ways to find talent, and leveraging cloud-based social recruiting capabilities is a great way to do this.

Here are three ways using the best recruiting software can ease the process and improve your company’s bottom line:

Cost-effective Recruitment Marketing

The easiest way to find great people? Have them search you out! To attract the talent you need, however, you will have to develop a top-notch company brand.

This means you might need to do a little recruitment marketing. The best recruiting software for your company is the one that will make it a snap to promote your openings and your brand at the same time. Simplicant’s platform can be a great applicant tracking system for startups because it offers great performance through a SaaS model. Your growing business does not need to trade the best recruiting software power for affordability. A next-gen recruitment system like Simplicant provides startups with enterprise class technology via a cloud-based model.

The best recruiting software for your company environment also lets you leverage social media channels to promote job listings, while providing the double benefit of turning them into outlets for brand promotion. An interested candidate might, for instance, stumble on your Facebook and find a great job. But they should also find plenty of reasons to hope they score a job at your company. Use online video, pictures, and employee testimonials to tell the story of your company culture and brand identity.

Recruitment marketing is not just about getting your open positions in front of interested candidates, but also turning visitors into fans and applicants into brand ambassadors. Best of all, sharing information about your company culture carries a low price tag for a small business, but offers a large return on investment.

Finding Talent Where They Live

Thanks to the power of social recruiting, you do not need to visit endless career fairs or professional organizations in order to connect personally with top talent. Save your startup or small business budget and find talent where they live online instead. This means that the best recruiting software for your corporate needs includes a powerful applicant tracking system combined with social recruiting capabilities.

Finding the best people online involves research and using the right tools. You will need to know where the best candidates for your open positions are likely to gather online. Whether this is a LinkedIn discussion or an industry-specific Twitter chat, you’ll need to find the online thoroughfares frequented by your ideal talent.

Once you’ve isolated these talent communities, it is time to put your recruiting tools to work. This is where it becomes important to use an applicant tracking system with built-in social capabilities.

Once you know where your target audience is gathering, you can use your applicant tracking system to push out job postings to ensure they arrive in front of the kind of talent your company is searching for. It takes a little work, but this form of social recruiting will give you the ROI for your small business from your best recruiting software.

Easier Collaboration

For a growing business, you need everyone on your recruitment team to be on the same page, but this is not always easy. Using Simplicant’s next-gen applicant tracking system eases communication between team members. In particular, a cloud-based applicant tracking system will help team members remain in the loop, even if they are out of the city or even the country.

A platform that provides the best recruiting software for your hiring process takes cloud-based collaboration. All hiring information, notes and impressions of candidates can be shared seamlessly across great distances. Plus, privacy controls ensure only the right people can see the candidate information and weigh in on decisions.

Engaging with and hiring the best people can be a tough task for small and growing businesses. But a next-gen online recruitment system such as Simplicant’s cloud-based platform make it easy to get started and remove all the friction so fast-growing companies can start hiring right away.

What are some of the qualities of the best recruiting software for your organizations hiring needs?

Photo by Emmanuel Mbala on Unsplash