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Candidate Experience Often Overlooked In Recruiting

Treating employees the right way does not have to start after they have joined your team.  Candidate experience is often overlooked during the hiring process, however, it is a critical recruitment consideration these days as more employers are recognizing its importance. It is essential that you treat candidates the same way that you would treat your current employees.  By doing this, you demonstrate to all applicants and future employees the type of work environment and company culture they can expect. The experience that your job applicants go through while interacting with your company is a significant determinant in what your applicants will eventually think of your company.

The candidate experience that you design is likely to have a direct impact on the success you see in attracting and hiring top talent.

The following are a few methods to implement during the recruiting process to ensure that you are creating a great candidate experience.

Provide Helpful Feedback

Regardless of whether you choose to hire a candidate or not, tell them why.  It is easy to look past how difficult it can be to get turned down from a job.  To keep the experience from being in vain, provide the candidate with feedback that will benefit them for future interviews.  Simply telling them “you are not what we are looking for” is not enough.  Let them know how they can improve their skills and get better at interviewing for opportunities down the road.  Additionally, when you decide to hire someone, make sure to share the positive feedback that helped you make the decision in the first place.  Let them know what sealed the deal and which of their qualities your company is most excited about.

Update throughout the Process

It is understandable that the hiring process takes time.  As your business connects with top candidates and proceeds to the advanced stages of the process, keep candidates updated on their status.  Nothing is worse than sitting around waiting for a verdict and not knowing how long the wait might be.  Good communication is vital to a successful recruiting process.  Implementing clear and prompt communication practices early on in the process helps in maintaining a positive candidate experience.  Whether you hire them or not, candidates will appreciate the efforts of consistent engagement. Recruiting software with a candidate management system makes this process even easier and more seamless. Make sure that you are equipped with the necessary recruiting tools to help you with your applicant tracking and communication needs.

Offer Relevant Information

Too often, recruiting is viewed as a one-way street in which the candidate offers every detail about them, relevant to their background and the job position.  This period is also a time when the company should provide specific information about the company brand and the job position.  All candidates will appreciate being presented with the expectations that will come with the position, should they be hired.  Being open and informative is one of the best ways to create a positive candidate experience.   The experience that you create for candidates during the hiring process reflects your company values.  The way in which you handle the recruiting and hiring process for your company can be considered an opportunity to build your company’s brand image.  In fact, this image is your employer brand. It is of the upmost importance as it directly impacts your future employees who will eventually guide your company to success.

What are some of the best practices you have learned that help in creating a great candidate experience?

Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash