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How To Simplify Working With External Recruitment Agency Partners

As a growing business, you may have already worked with certain recruitment agency partners in bringing new talent on board. When you partner with agencies to help onboard new employees, you are looking to leverage their expertise, screening skills as well as networks to sample a wider pool of both active and passive applicants. In addition, you may have relationships with certain recruiting agencies or external recruiters where you prefer to have them work with you as full-time or part-time consultants, instead of hiring them as permanent staff in your HR organization.

In all such cases, you want the flexibility and a robust platform to effectively manage these relationships with your recruitment agency partners, while easily and securely facilitating their involvement in your sourcing and recruiting processes.

Organize agencies based on strengths

Different agencies tend to have different areas of expertise; while one company finds amazing leadership candidates, another is known for its ability to provide the very best in sales reps. Communicating your business needs to partner agencies and then measuring their performance based on the result they deliver can quickly become a full-time task.

With Simplicant, you can ensure that your favorite recruitment agency partners are enlisted in the system and that their staff have the appropriate access to work on the specific positions they will be working on.

Alert agencies as soon as positions open

With Simplicant’s collaborative platform, your company can simplify the communication process between your business and your chosen recruitment agency partners. As you create new open positions, you can notify your recruitment agency contacts, alerting them to begin searching for candidates and submitting them through the online system. Your partner can also review the open positions they are filling, or even update them if you want them to, enabling them to market the job to their network and see which of their candidates will best meet your needs.

Track the quality of candidates provided

In most areas, there are several talent and recruitment agency partners competing to provide staffing to different businesses. As a company, how do you know which agencies provide the best candidates for your position? By tracking which candidates were referred by which agencies, and who you progressed how far in your hiring workflow, you can get hard data on which agencies are best meeting your needs.

Simplicant makes it easy to see this information, providing status of each candidate at each phase of the hiring process, and letting you determine which agencies are sending you candidates that you want to hire.

Simplify communication

In the absence of a cloud-based solution, your communication with your company’s partner agency can be a nightmare. They send over constant email lists of who they’re considering, what background they have, and are trying to work within your time frames to set up interviews.

With Simplicant’s SaaS platform, you can make the entire process simpler. Depending on how you set up permissions for your cloud recruiting software, agency recruiters will be able to set up candidates, provide you with their resume and information, and even configure interview evaluation forms for you within the guidelines you have created.

No more back and forth, no more frustratingly delayed communication!

Easily add and remove recruitment agency partners

If your company has contracted with a new recruiting partner or contractor, it’s easy to set them up in a cloud-based system. You can give them permission to add and remove candidates, set up interviews, and contact or update you at any point in the process.

Similarly, if your company will no longer be working with a particular agency, removing them or disabling their access from the system and reassigning their tasks is easy and uncomplicated.

Keep the job search organized and focused

Whether you’re hiring one employee or one hundred, onboarding staff is always a challenging process. You receive many more applications than you will ever hire, and many of them aren’t qualified for the position. By creating targeted positions and linking them carefully to the relevant agencies, you increase the odds of finding the perfect candidate.

Make sure nothing is lost

By digitizing everything, you remove the risk of lost paperwork, and make it easier to see who’s waiting on what forms, check marks, and developments. Your recruitment agency partner has easy access to your job description and candidate profiles, making it easier for them to refer to when they’re talking to potential candidates. This makes it more likely that they will send you high quality candidates that will meet your needs and advance your hiring.

Reduce the time and cost of your hiring process

Robert Half, industry expert, suggests that by using a recruitment agency partner, you can reduce the time and the money you spend on hiring. This happens in multiple ways:

  • Reduce time spent looking for candidates personally. Turn your information over to your recruiter and let them do the legwork.
  • Reduce expenses of advertising for the position in broader publications, instead focusing on trade publications and markets.
  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on turnover. By hiring the right employee the first time out, you make sure that your dollars for onboarding and training are well spent.

You can also choose to share your requirement for time and costs to fill certain positions with the recruitment agency partners, to help them better understand your expectations. On the other hand, it would make sure that you are able to close on you positions within your specified constraints.

Simplify hiring by modernizing your platform

By moving to a cloud-based recruitment platform, you take the next step into successful hiring in the new millennium. With recruiting software that allows seamless communication between you and your recruitment agency partners, you are on the cutting edge of hiring technology, enabling your company to capture the very best candidates before they find work at another company.

Reduce your hiring expense and improve your chances of success when working with a recruitment agency partner

With Simplicant’s cloud-based hiring platform, you can make every single step of the process of hiring simpler and more pleasant. Your business will save time and money while getting rid of unnecessary frustrations. You can get back to the part of your job that you’re best at–running your company–and letting the recruitment agency partner focus on providing you with great candidates to excel at the positions that you need to fill.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and minimize the number of emails you need to send to hire any single person. Make your communication with your agency partners seamless with Simplicant. Contact us today to find out how Simplicant’s applicant tracking system can make your next round of hiring a cinch. Sign up for a free trial to see what Simplicant can bring to your business.

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