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Facebook Recruitment Tips That Really Work

Is your Facebook page adding value to your company? Getting people to “like” your page is a great way to engage with customers, partners, and current employees. Facebook recruitment is also about building relationships with potential job seekers interested in your company.

Using Facebook recruitment as part of an overall social media recruitment strategy is a smart way to connect with an audience of interested job seekers. Most businesses have adopted the Facebook company page as part of their company’s extended web presence, but are they using Facebook recruitment effectively to get the most value out of this exercise?

Facebook is the largest major social network with 901 million active users. These users are spending nearly 8 hours per month on the social networking giant and posting 800 million updates per day.

Companies considering Facebook recruitment understand that many users now use Facebook to find new opportunities or look for more information on a company and its culture than is available on its corporate website. If your organization’s Facebook fan page is filled with relevant information, it can become a resource for job seekers. Better yet, you can use your Facebook fan page as a recruiting magnet, allowing you to develop a better talent pipeline to fill future positions.

How can businesses do better at Facebook recruitment by using their Facebook company page as part of their social media recruiting strategy? Here are a few tips:

Branding your company

The best way a Facebook company page or fan page can add value to your company is by providing an easy branding opportunity. Fan pages can give your company a greater reach, considering the millions of users already logging on to Facebook every day.  While your branded career website is a great place to publish information about your company, Facebook recruitment via your company Facebook page can be utilized to get out in front of talented candidates where they are already spending much of their online time. A Facebook company page will give your business more exposure to these job seekers and keep your company fresh in their minds.

With a Facebook page, you can include event pictures, videos, documents as well as comments from employees, partners and customers. You want those active job seekers to be interested in your company, and when possible, to “like” what they see so they receive regular updates from your page.

Facebook recruiting efforts also turn your Facebook fan page into a great brand ambassador for your company for passive candidates. These candidates might have heard something positive about your company and decided to do a little searching for themselves. If you use your Facebook fan page as a window into your company culture, they’ll be impressed.

Share relevant stories about your company, post photos from the latest office party, and start discussions about the major obstacles facing your industry. You’ll be using your Facebook fan page to show what it’s like to work at the company and to brand your company as a thought leader in your field.

Engaging with potential candidates

One of the most important ways Facebook recruiting can add value to your company’s hiring process is by allowing you to engage with potential candidates. You want to nurture this engagement by posting information these potential candidates might find interesting. Share content, talk about issues, and share job positions when they become available. You can increase your Facebook recruitment effectiveness by using your company Facebook page to develop relationships with great talent and by keeping your company fresh in their minds.

Don’t overcompensate though. Watch how much you share and engage during Facebook recruitment. A little bit goes a long way. You want to update regularly with useful content and messages, without turning the company statuses into trivial updates.

Creating a talent pipeline

A key benefit of using your Facebook fan page to develop your company brand and engage with talent is in creating a useful talent pipeline. This means when positions need to be filled within the company, you will already have a pool of candidates at your fingertips. Use your Facebook fan page to connect with talented potential hires — both active and passive — by sharing content and starting discussions. These discussions can work on two levels, both engaging potential candidates and also allowing you to evaluate these fans before they become applicants. Unlike applicants from traditional job boards, when your Facebook fans apply for an opening you will already have a good idea of their qualifications and have engaged with them in the past.

Following these Facebook recruitment tips can help cut down on your overall time to hire and increase candidate ROI. You can put your Facebook recruitment campaigns into action with an effective social recruitment platform and applicant tracking system that have been built to help employers engage with talent through these newer channels. Leveraging a cloud-based recruiting platform for managing your recruiting campaigns on Facebook is a great way to optimize on your cost and speed of hiring.

How do you use Facebook recruitment to increase the overall effectiveness of your hiring process?

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash