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Hire Better With A Faster Job Offer Process

How organized is your team when it comes to hiring? Do you have the job offer process in place to efficiently hire the talent you are seeking? A modern applicant tracking system can make your job offer process smooth, engaging and effective.

It takes time to fill a vacant position with the right new employee. The US national average job vacancy varies greatly depending on the region, the industry and the size of the company. The average job vacancy duration for the largest US companies is 58 working days, according to the Dice-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure.

Time is money and the longer it takes you to hire, the more expensive it is for your business. And when your job offer process is slow, you also run the risk of losing talent to more efficient competition.

The Job Offer Process

Finding the right employee is a process that includes many steps. From sourcing, screening and interviewing to selecting and hiring, there are many stages and people involved.

Generally, hiring is a team effort and best performed by a team that can quickly share information and make decisions. Even the final stage of hiring, the job offer process, includes several steps. You need to:

  1. Select the candidate to hire
  2. Get the job offer approved
  3. Send the offer to the candidate
  4. Receive the candidate’s response (acceptance, rejection, negotiation)
  5. Negotiate the offer or make a new offer to someone else

The job offer process is entirely contingent on how quickly your hiring team can converge to a decision. When all interviews have been completed, it is time for your team to make a decision and take action. Talented job-seekers want to see an efficient and candidate-friendly process that moves at a fast pace. When your company is able to wrap up a hiring process quickly, you are less likely to lose a good candidate to competition.

To produce a timely job offer, your hiring team needs to be able to quickly share information and make decisions. This is where a modern applicant tracking system comes in. The right system facilitates the job offer process by setting out the steps, connecting the key people involved, recording decisions and related emails, delivering the job offer, and more.

Update Your HR Technology in 2015

To run an efficient job offer process, you need the right technology. Josh Bersin, the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, predicts that 2015 is the year for companies to take advantage of new HR technologies.

“In 2015, companies should revisit their aging architectures, look to modernize and consider converting to highly flexible cloud-based systems.” (Josh Bersin, HR Magazine)

With organization, prompt notifications for the key team members, record-keeping and the ability to send your job offer, a modern applicant tracking system can help to speed up your job offer process. An effective system will keep your team connected, engaged and on track to making the right hire.

Some key features to look for:

  • A system that connects the hiring team and makes it easy to hold back-and-forth communication.
  • Automated record keeping of the decision making process.
  • A logical workflow that keeps the hiring team on track.
  • Team notifications for when actions take place and milestones are reached.
  • Alerts for when a hiring process is taking too long.
  • The ability to extend job offers and receive candidate responses through the system.
  • Instant notification to the hiring team when a candidate responds to the job offer, allowing the team to quickly respond if negotiation is needed.
  • Recruitment analytics that show you where your system works and where it doesn’t.

Why it Matters

Time is money and the longer it takes you to hire, the more expensive it is. You also run the risk of losing talent to more efficient competition. The simple fact is: Slow hiring hurts both your recruiting and business results.

Cut the unnecessary cost of delays in hiring and improve your company performance and image. It’s time to create a more effective job offer process for your business with a modern applicant tracking system.

Let us show you how. Request a free demo of Simplicant’s modern, cloud-based human resources technology.

Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash