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Finding Talent: Best Ways To Attract Quality Hires

Finding talent doesn’t have to be a mystery. With a few simple and well-executed practices, you can optimize your talent sourcing and recruiting process to attract the best candidates to your company. Recent shifts in the job market have created a situation where a higher number of people are looking to enter the job market than there are people retiring or new vacancies being created. For companies focused on finding talent for their growing teams, it is becoming increasingly important to source from this pool of potential employees.

The following are just a few tips on some of the best ways for finding talent during your recruiting process.

Tip 1: Recruit talent before you need it

Companies seeking to hire top talent should always keep their recruiting process active and engaged. There are many disadvantages to waiting till the last minute when you need to fill a position, to activate your company’s recruitment process. Being in this position can often present you with the desperate and urgent need to hire an employee for a particular role. This desperation can lead to rash decision-making and may force you to rush the hiring process. Additionally, if you have been removed from the recruiting process for long, you may have missed some major changes in operations, standards, or recruitment methods. These are all the things that you, as a company, need to stay on top of in order to have the best chance of attracting and finding talent. Recruiting software systems, such as Simplicant, make it easier to organize and keep up with an ongoing pool of potential hires. Recruiting Features such as Candidate Relationship Management allow your company to consistently engage with candidates and update them on news occurring within the company, keeping them interested should a position open up.

Tip 2: Put your current employees first

Being involved in a successful company, you already have high amounts of talent existing all around you. Put the current employees first, communicating to them how valuable they are to operations. Doing so creates a company atmosphere of which others want to be a part of. Create a company that attracts great talent. Let them come to you.

Treat your employees well and reward them for the integral role they play in the success of the company. Your employees are one of your biggest avenues for recruiting and finding talent. They likely know others experienced in their particular field that could be a great asset for your company. Maintaining satisfied employees increases the likelihood they will recommend a job at the company to other talented job seekers they know in their network. In fact, employee referral is one of the most effective ways of finding talent that is likely to be a good fit for your company.

Tip 3: Add an “emotional intelligence” component to your recruitment process

Talent with respect to a certain industry or position does not simply involve intelligence or knowledge. Cognitive and social abilities are an integral part of working well in a company environment and acting as a valuable member of a team. When interviewing prospective hires, implement a component that assesses their emotional intelligence. Ask them how they would handle specific situations that may arise in the workplace. You can describe a potentially stressful scenario and request that they provide some insights into how they would respond. You can tell a lot, not only from their responses, but also from their body language and demeanor.

Tip 4:  Implement technological tools into your recruiting process

Studies have shown that 70% of job seekers are using their mobile devices as part of the search process. It is a safe assumption that great talent and high potential candidates are also the ones adopting the newest technological trends. In order to connect with the highest quality prospective employees, you must meet them on their communication platform of choice. Integrating social media, mobile recruiting, and video interviewing into your hiring process is a not negotiable if you want to attract the best hires. These tools also speed up the process of finding talent, making it more likely that you will connect with valuable candidates, before another company swoops them up. Use social recruiting tools offered by recruiting software to find and communicate with talent, where they are most likely to be.

Recruiting methods are becoming even more important for putting your company on the radar of the most talented potential hires. These tips should provide some insight on the measures necessary to recruiting the highest quality prospective employees. An integrating recruiting software and applicant tracking system, such as Simplicant, makes the process of hiring talented, desirable candidates, easier and seamless.

What are some of the strategies you plan to implement this year for finding talent?

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash