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Twitter Recruiting: How To Source Top Talent

The war for talent is intense and the trend is expected to continue for many years to come. While the impact is more visible in the tech sector, this trend is widespread and has effected organizations in every industry. In spite of the tough competition, many organizations are still stuck with internal processes that depend heavily on archaic recruiting methods. As a result, costs of acquiring talent are high and the time to fill open positions is painfully long. The net result is a direct impact on the company’s performance when open positions are not filled fast enough.

While old-fashioned practices are still dominant in many organizations, astute executives and HR managers understand that the best places to find top talent have shifted away from traditional job boards. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are where the best and talented now hang out.

Using Twitter Recruiting as a sourcing mechanism is certainly a fast spreading phenomenon for tech savvy employers.

Twitter Recruiting is playing an increasingly important role in the overall social media recruiting and talent acquisition processes for many companies. While it is one of the various new “social” places where top talent is to be found, Twitter Recruiting is also a very effective method for employers and recruiters to get their open jobs in front of a very large talent pool of active and passive candidates. With the ability to automatically post tweets to Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms, Twitter Recruiting provides the convenience and velocity to quickly share open jobs on various social networks.

For active candidates, a simple search on the most relevant keywords such as title and location brings up relevant results for all open positions that have been tweeted. In addition, the inherent viral distribution of Twitter puts tweets about specific jobs in front of all active and passive candidates who subscribe to the Twitter feed of the sender or the one who retweets it. As a result, in a very short time and almost at no cost to the employer or recruiter, the tweeted jobs are put in front of a large talent pool of passive as well as active candidates.

How does Twitter Recruiting really work? While tweeting about open jobs and inviting potential candidates to click on the included link are easy tasks, employers are able to take full advantage of social recruiting only when it is integrated with the rest of the recruiting process including a full-featured applicant tracking system. Simplicant’s next-gen talent acquisition and social recruiting platform provides employers and recruiters with the ability to set and enable auto-publishing of their open jobs to social media, based on a schedule that can be easily customized. With auto-publishing enabled, open jobs are published to Twitter and are virally distributed to a large talent pool. As a result, open jobs can now be quickly shared in a low-cost and highly-effective way with friends, friends of friends and so on. The published links bring the candidates to the employer’s Simplicant-powered careers site where they can apply for the open job or submit a general application. This integrated approach keeps all candidate content available in the same cloud-based collaborative system where it is easily searchable and shared with other team members.

Simplicant tracks everything and provides detailed analytics to determine the various sources of referrals. This information provides valuable insights into where the most interesting candidates came from and which individuals should be credited for their participation in the referral process. In addition, this data also helps to further optimize the recruiting process.

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Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash