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Recruitment Funnel Management For Better Hiring

It’s rare you find the best fitting people for your open positions right away. Your recruitment funnel defines the process through which you identify and eventually hire a select few out of a large number of applicants. In fact, these days companies are interviewing an increasing number of applicants before they are able to find someone who fits their unique requirements. Hence it’s critical for organizations to start off with a large number of high quality prospects.

Your recruitment funnel is made up of potential hires ranging from active job seekers to passive candidates. Managing this funnel is not always easy, however, and you want to ensure the best and brightest do not fall through the cracks in your system.

How do you ensure your recruitment software is packed with the top candidates? How do you get the talent you need into your applicant tracking system and turn cold leads into hot prospects? Your recruiting success might just rely on how many sources of talent funnel into your applicant tracking system and how well you manage this recruitment funnel.

Let’s look at a few ways you can keep your recruitment software management streamlined to ensure that the best and brightest candidates are moving through your recruitment funnel to become great hires:

Process Your Recruitment Funnel By Hiring Statuses

The same recruitment processes allowing your company to keep organized in the hiring process actually work to visualize the stages in your recruitment funnel. You start your funnel with the largest quantity of candidates and eventually filter down to the highest quality applicants. The top of the funnel is comprised of those applicants who have recently shown interest by sending their application in and who you have yet to process and sort into categories moving forward.

In the middle stages of the recruitment funnel, you isolate the best candidates based on their qualifications, screen them and schedule interviews. The final stage of the funnel is made up of your top contenders filtered down through the other steps.

End to end, you might have whittled 50 applicants by processing and qualifying them through multiple stages until you settle on one person to hire, for the respective position. Simplicant’s status functions help you to easily see where you are in your recruitment funnel so you are always able to track the applicants.

Diversify Candidate Sources

As in other aspects of the business world, diversification is key when it comes to candidate sourcing. You need to find multiple, relevant candidate streams with the goal to fill the top of your recruitment funnel and start off with ample quantity and high quality.

Not every superstar candidate will read the job descriptions that you push to social media or publish to job boards. Some of the best passive talent may get discovered through building relationships, encouraging employee referrals and by developing your talent community.

The more ways you discover to funnel talent into your applicant tracking system, the more diverse and talented your candidate pool will become. Active job seekers, passive talent, and employee referrals all come implicit with their own strengths and weaknesses. It is only by defining a process that is unique to your organization’s hiring needs and by developing a well-rounded selection of candidates in your applicant tracking system, that your recruitment funnel becomes more likely to provide you with the greatest talent.

Key Into Analytics

In order to determine where to focus and which areas to improve in your recruiting funnel, you will really need to dive deep into your recruitment analytics. Thanks to high powered analytics provided by recruitment software from Simplicant, you can easily determine the best sources of hire. This way you can decide to focus your attention on candidate streams that could be more productive or only focus on the outlets providing the best people.

For instance, if your best people are entering your recruiting software through Twitter, you might want to focus your social media strategy entirely on the micro-blogging site. Conversely, you might decide it is smarter to put more time and energy into Facebook recruitment since Twitter is already proving a rich candidate source.

By allowing you to track candidate sources from social media to employee referral outcomes, top-shelf analytics help companies focus on those sections of the funnel providing the best ROI or the sections that are in need of improvement.

Streamline Your Applicant Tracking System

Another great way to improve your funnel is to ensure your recruitment software keeps you organized in the process. Staying organized throughout every step of the process is a great way to ensure both your funnel and recruiting software are working optimally and no great candidates are falling through the cracks.

By allowing you to label where candidates are within the hiring process, Simplicant’s next-gen recruiting software is helping your company stay organized and ensuring that the best candidates turn into the best hires.

Getting the best candidates into your recruitment software is no walk in the park, yet having a recruiting funnel filled with the best people (applicants) is important when it comes to hiring the best. By focusing on diverse candidate sources and analytics, you can optimize your recruiting software and build a hiring funnel that fits your organization’s unique needs. With Simplicant’s applicant tracking system and recruiting software, you can define a process so that the best people are making their way through your hiring process and into your open positions.

How do you manage your recruitment funnel to find the best people? Share in the comments!

Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash