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Integrated Recruitment Software: Ideal Hiring Tips

You might see the recruitment process as a series of disparate tasks. Looking at the process, you might consider talent sourcing, candidate relationship management, recruitment workflow, and social media recruitment as vastly different activities. However, viewing the different parts of the overall recruitment process as separate and independent tasks, instead of as an integrated recruiting software suite keeps the recruitment process from being efficient and effective.

More employers are looking for an integrated recruitment software solution that seamlessly consolidates the necessary capabilities into one platform. They realize that looking at the recruitment process as a series of unrelated tasks is likely to lose them both time and money. It is time to take the disparate parts of your recruitment process and combine these into a more complete whole – an integrated recruitment software platform.

“Know what it is you ultimately want to accomplish,” said LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on his company blog. He was doling out advice to job seekers, but it also applies to employers looking for the right people. “[Optimize] for both passion and skill, and not one at the exclusion of the other.”

Just like job seekers need to find positions where their skills can make a difference and their passion will make them excited to show up in the morning, employers need an integrated recruitment software platform to integrate their hiring processes to find these perfect candidates.

Here are just a few ways to utilize your integrated recruitment software for finding and hiring the best people:

Integrate job board promotion with recruitment marketing

You know how important recruitment marketing is when it comes to finding the best candidates. You want job seekers to be able to find more information about your jobs and your company culture as a whole. By using a next-gen integrated recruitment software platform such as Simplicant, you can easily improve your marketing efforts by pushing open positions to prominent job boards. This can not only help you get your open jobs in front of talented candidates, but also help position your company from a branding standpoint  by promoting your company messaging.

Before pushing jobs out with the help of your recruitment software platform, make sure your job descriptions are relevant, readable, and focused on your brand’s core message. Look critically at the keywords you have included in the description and ask yourself if the right candidates will be searching for these words. Keywords are not merely for helping you sort through resumes in your applicant tracking system, they can become instrumental in attracting the right kind of talent.

You will also want to make sure that your company career page is aligned with your overall web page and all messaging is consistent and on target. While your integrated recruitment software can make it easy and seamless to promote on job boards, it is your responsibility to woo job seekers who stop by.

Integrate social media with employee referrals

Social media is becoming a larger part of today’s recruiting process. But while everyone talks about integrating social media into the sourcing process or the candidate relationship aspect of your recruitment software, what about using today’s socially-connected world to increase employee referrals? Considering that employee referral is the number-one source of external hires, it is only smart to focus on how to use your applicant tracking system to tap into this fertile market.

Using an applicant tracking system built with today’s social media universe in mind means it becomes easy for employees to share your open positions with their networks. Thanks to social tools, passing along a great opportunity to a talented member of their circle becomes as easy for employees as pressing a button.

But your company also should go the extra mile to promote your employee referral program by including great perks like cash bonuses and vacation days to workers who refer great people. A next-gen applicant tracking system such as Simplicant makes it easy to capture today’s digitally-savvy workers and convince them to pass along your positions to their talented social networks.

Integrate applicant tracking with candidate relationship management

Is your applicant tracking system helping you connect with candidates? It is just not enough to keep track of your candidates in the recruiting process — you must also engage with them and develop a meaningful relationship. This way, candidates coming through your recruiting process have a positive association with your company and are likely to stay in your talent pipeline.

Using Simplicant’s next-gen applicant tracking system allows companies to not only stay organized in the process, but also truly connect with the best and brightest candidates. This way, you always know exactly where you are in the recruiting process and can avoid letting talented candidates slip through the cracks.

Because Simplicant’s integrated recruitment software platform includes built-in internal messaging, you can keep candidates up-to-date on their status and ensure superior communication with top talent. This means even if candidates are not a perfect fit for your current openings, positive impressions and clear communication will increase the odds this talent will return and apply again.

Your applicant tracking system needs to be a part of a complete integrated recruitment software solution. Using Simplicant, you can integrate all the aspects of your process and never lose out on the best people.

What are some ways you integrate the steps in your recruitment process? Share in the comments!

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash