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Interview Tips For Hiring The Best Candidates

Attracting and hiring the best talent into your growing organization requires putting smart and effective candidate interviewing methods into practice. While the web is full of interview tips for job-seeking candidates, employers also need interview tips to optimize their recruiting.

When determining the recruiting process that you will implement, consider what makes your company unique. Make a list of the qualities necessary in an employee to maintain the image and values that are important to your company. What are the characteristics required to be successful in the position you are hiring for. Recruiting top talent that will become a vital part of your company’s overall success extends beyond reviewing just the resume.

Once you have determined the unique characteristics that define the individual likely to be most successful in the position you are trying to fill, integrate these into your candidate interview process to get the best results. Here are a few interview tips for employers.

Interview Tips – 1: Allow candidates to interact with existing employees

Great companies are made up of great teams who know how to effectively work together. When interviewing candidates, it is important to see how well they interact and communicate with your current employees. There are several ways to implement this portion of the process as part of your interview management. One unique and effective way is to simply have the candidate wait for their interview in an area with current employees. Having the employees assess and report back on their impressions gives a different perspective on the potential of the candidate. Getting employees involved in the interviewing and hiring process helps to ensure decision-making that benefits the overall goals of the company. This method of hiring collaboration followed by collecting feedback from each, lets current employees play a role in the building and expansion of the company.

Interview Tips – 2: Sell your company and culture to the candidate

When interviewing top talent in your industry, you must understand that there is strong demand for their skills. These people are likely being considered by several different companies, including your competitors. Don’t view the hiring process as a one-way street. In order to ensure that you are bringing on employees that completely buy into what your company represents, you have to communicate the values on which it is based. During the entire interviewing process, keep track of the candidates that you liked by scoring the suitability of each using one or more criteria provided by your recruiting software. Continue to be in consistent contact and engagement with those candidates that you want to bring on board. Using Candidate Relationship Management tools of a next-gen recruiting platform makes it easy to organize and keep track of this information.

Interview Tips – 3: Ask pointed, direct, out-of-the-box questions

It is easy to find a list of the standard, go-to interview tips and questions. These methods do not always get the job done or ensure the best hires. Avoid vague and cookie-cutter interview questions. Ask very direct and specific questions related to the position to be filled and relevant to the job requirements. Ask questions aimed at revealing certain traits and qualities consistent with the needs of the business. Interviewees often have practiced, scripted responses ready for the types of questions most frequently asked in interviews. Get a glimpse of their real personality by taking the course of the interview outside the box. Track all responses and interactions in your cloud-based applicant tracking system by providing your employee with an easy way to input this information from wherever they are.

Interview Tips – 4: Do your homework

Going into an interview unprepared is a guaranteed way to miss out on an opportunity. As an interviewer, if you aren’t already familiar with the role or position you are interviewing to fill, consult your HR department or a specialist in the area for guidance and further interview tips. Talk to current employees in your organization and acquire feedback on the types of skills and qualities necessary to become an integral part of the team. You may even choose to bring these employees on board as a member of the interviewing panel. Getting the opinion of more than one company member is a great way to hire as a team and ensure that you are hiring the right people for the job.

To acquire top-notch hires and to ensure you are hiring the best talent, rethink your hiring process based on the above interview tips for employers. Steer away from the standard interview methods and integrate some of these out-of-the-box techniques that will help you be more effective. With Simplicant’s recruiting software, the hiring and interview management processes become easier, more efficient, and more effective.

What are some of the most effective candidate interview tips that have worked for you?

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