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Why A Long-Term Recruiting Perspective Is Necessary

In order to support a growing company, a strong business plan should include a long-term recruiting perspective, as well as a long term perspective on the process of hiring in general.

The way that companies hire today is drastically different from the way it was done in 2005 or 1995. So, why is it so important for a business to have a long-term recruiting perspective today? The chain of positive reactions begins to snowball including a system for long-term recruiting in your business plan, bringing ongoing value to the growth of your business, year after year.

Taking Control

Creating an employer brand that focuses on your company’s target employees can help establish it as a great place to work. In doing so, your company is much more likely to attract a higher number of unsolicited candidates expressing interest in your company. As a result, you can always have potential new-hires on file. Companies can easily take control of their brand for employees by harnessing the power of their employer brand and managing their hiring process with the right recruiting software.

Higher Quality Candidates

Finding the best candidates, enticing them to work for you, and increasing the number of successful new hires is simple when you have a long term strategy in place. Promoting your company’s culture and actively strengthening your company brand is an ongoing process that leads to higher quality candidates seeking out your workplace. The right type of recruiting technology could be a great help in making this process simple. Whenever a new position needs to be filled, you are likely to see interest from top talent faster. When you have taken the time to put the right systems in place and use these systems to strengthen your employer brand, filling a new position is easier, takes less time and costs less.

Increased Employee Retention

Another benefit of building a long-term recruiting perspective and promoting your company as a great place to work is that in doing so, your employees are more likely to be happier in their positions. As a result your turnover rate will be lower. With the right applicant tracking software in place, the higher quality candidates will stand out, leading to hires that stay for the long run.

Motivated Employees

Satisfied employees are also motivated employees. By providing a satisfying workplace and a positive corporate culture, you are not only making your employees happier, but you are motivating them to be more productive, which ultimately helps your business and encourages long-term growth. Promoting your employee brand on social channels will keep your employees engaged and involved, increasing their levels of satisfaction and identification with your company brand.

Improved Manager Satisfaction

When hiring, it is usually the lowest level employees who are newest to the company. Attracting them with benefits and a positive corporate culture does improve motivation, which in turn increases manager satisfaction. When managers are satisfied with their charges, they will spend less time interviewing and training, and more time working to improve their workplace.

Supported Growth Rate

As a company grows, it is important to retain employees who understand their role in the growth, as well as to hire new ones who can help the company expand. Keeping a long term recruiting perspective allows a business to do both, allowing the recruiting team to easily identify and track those candidates who were hired for specific growth initiatives.

Long Term Recruiting Perspective Extends to Employees

It is often said that what you know is less important than who you know. One of the best hiring strategies to attract new hires is for employees to reach out to qualified candidates in their networks via employee referrals. Satisfied employees who were hired and currently work in an environment supported by a company’s long term recruiting strategy are more likely to connect with and attract more candidates of better quality. The right recruitment software will enable your hiring team to create and duplicate employee referral programs that work, and reward referring employees with incentives.

Increased Shareholder Satisfaction

Businesses that are known to be great places to work are often featured in the media more often than those that are not, which has the potential to increase shareholder satisfaction, allowing further company growth. A well planned and executed recruiting strategy can bolster the confidence of key decision makers and financial supporters.

Providing the right benefits while attracting the best candidates to your business as it grows has a snowball effect on your company culture, your employees, and ultimately, the quality of the work that your company produces. A well planned and executed recruiting strategy can lead to better hires, increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

With the right recruiting platform, implementing a long term recruiting strategy is easy. Is your team ready to begin the implementation process? Request a Simplicant Demo today, and move your company one step closer to a long-term recruiting perspective.

Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash