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Marketing Lessons For Hiring Managers

The presidential election may be over now that Barack Obama has been reelected as our 44th president, but that does not mean the lessons we can learn from the campaign season are behind us. In fact, there are still plenty of marketing lessons hiring managers can learn from the way Mitt Romney and President Obama ran and maintained their campaigns.

Getting the right talented candidates applying for your open positions is about understanding how to market your company. An attractive company will pull in great candidates who want to become a part of the company success and culture. By using some of the same campaign marketing tricks, and with the help of next-gen recruitment software and applicant tracking system from Simplicant, you can communicate effectively with talented candidates and let them know why they should be vying for your open positions.

There are three marketing lessons hiring managers can learn from this latest election cycle:

  • Lesson #1: Pay Attention to Your Messaging
  • Lesson #2: Use Referrals
  • Lesson #3: Utilize Social Media

To see more details of what lessons you can take from the recent presidential campaign, read the full post on Recruiter.com!

What are some marketing lessons you can learn from the recent election? Share in the comments!

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash