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Talent Acquisition With Social Recruiting

Referrals have historically been a major source of quality performers for any company. The concept behind it is simple: Its classic word-of-mouth marketing in play. Smart people on your team know other smart people who become applicants, which ultimately raises the bar of the candidate pool.

To leverage the power of referrals, Simplicant have just launched a useful set of tools that will allow members to easily post job vacancies to specific individuals on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn within seconds. This instantly expands your audience and the visibility of your job opening increases manifold. The result is that the viral nature of this strategy starts bringing you excellent resumes that make you simply smile.

So, how does it work? Its simple. Create a job opening and then explore your options on the “Viralize your job” panel on the right of the job detail page.

You can choose to refer the job yourself to handpicked individuals on your social network with our new social recruiting tool. This helps you spread the word to only those people who are relevant to the job or might know people who would be suitable for such positions, as opposed to spamming your entire contact list.

On the other hand, you can choose to update your social profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even Google Plus without ever leaving the app. Moreover, Simplicant will craft a nice little message that you’ll post plus automatically drop in the link to your careers page where your contacts can simply visit and apply.

Wait, there’s more.

Now, when you open you applicant’s detail page, you can actually see the referral source of the applicant i.e. whether he was directed to apply from a social site like Linkedin or a job board like Indeed or by simple email. This information is terrific for employers as they can now assess which referral channels are working for them and which are not.

Now, what if you want to trace back how you know a certain applicant who has applied from your social referral efforts? After all, if you initiated the viral wave, there must be a chain of social contacts that will eventually lead to the applicant in question. Not a problem – Simplicant gets you this information built-in. While viewing an applicant who was referred from a social network, check the “Social Connections” panel on the right to see what channels and people were instrumental in spreading the word to the applicant you’re viewing.

So, go ahead. Leverage the power of “social” and attract more quality candidates – the simple way.

Photo by Bastian Riccardi on Unsplash