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Your Recruiting Process Is Incomplete: Fix It!

In spite of the availability of a ton of candidate data and analytics from various sources, developing a successful recruiting process and strategy still requires going beyond data and analytics, because at the end of the day recruiting is about people – and people are more than just a number. It is also an art, because finding the right people is not always about what appears on a resume. A potential employee’s future performance in a company cannot be inferred only from select samples of work or the quality of the code they may have written.

To build a successful recruiting process in your organization, you will need to maintain the right balance between the science of finding and calibrating the right people and the art of identifying those who will succeed and thrive in your organization. In order to do this effectively, you will also need help from others who have the right experience and background to help evaluate and calibrate the candidates. To do this quickly and efficiently, you will need recruitment software to help you maintain this balance while getting the best people before your competition does.

How can Simplicant’s recruitment software help maintain this essential balance for you? It is important to look carefully at the recruiting process your organization follows. As in the case of cooking a great meal, missing one important ingredient can be the difference between a full belly and a bellyache.

Let’s look at some of the essential recruiting process ingredients and how Simplicant’s next-gen recruitment software can help you create the perfect balance and hire the right candidates:

Recruiting Process Ingredient: Sourcing via Social Media

You know your recruitment strategy should involve a little social media magic. But is it enough to use your recruitment software to promote your open positions on prominent social networks and job boards? Is pushing out jobs the magic ingredient?

The Balance

Using Simplicant’s online recruitment software to distribute jobs via social media channels is a great way to automate the recruiting process of social sharing and free up time for you to really utilize social media in your talent search. Social media is a great first step for recruitment marketing and to promote open jobs. With an integrated applicant tracking system in place to capture and process all inbound candidate interest, Simplicant’s social recruiting functionality makes it easy to leverage social media for job distribution and for sourcing great talent.

With the hassles of job distribution shifted to Simplicant’s recruiting software, you can now focus your energy on using social media to engage with talented job seekers on social channels and talent communities they frequent. Find where your ideal talent spends their time online and connect with them by engaging in discussions and attracting them to your open positions. Since you don’t have to focus on promoting your jobs thanks to your applicant tracking system, you can instead spend more time on engaging with talent on social media.

Recruiting Process Ingredient: Employee Referral

Employee referral can be a great source for hiring the best people for your company and deserve an important place in your recruiting process. In fact, here is why employee referrals are the best way to hire, beating out job boards and social media. Plus, these referred candidates are much more likely to be a good match for the company culture, which means lower employee turnover and more money saved. But how do you get your current workers to refer their talented networks?

The Balance

Using an applicant tracking system built with today’s modern recruitment challenges in mind means finding an applicant tracking system with built-in employee referral. Simplicant makes it easy for current employees to refer their talented friends. Since your applicant tracking system is doing all the work capturing great candidates, you can focus instead on convincing your employees to start referring.

Think about including incentives for employees who refer great people. This could be as simple as a cash bonus or perks like additional vacation time. Make sure everyone in your organization knows about the referral process and how simple it is. While Simplicant’s recruitment software makes referrals easier to submit and track, focus your energy on promoting your program and getting your employees referring in the first place.

Recruiting Process Ingredient: Applicant Tracking

You need to keep organized and keep track of the candidates coming into your recruitment pipeline. This is why it is essential to use an applicant tracking system that makes it a snap to see where your candidates are in the process and reach out to them through internal messaging as needed. But how do you keep your entire team organized?

The Balance

Simplicant allows you to collaborate with your entire hiring team through its next-gen applicant tracking system. You can assign tasks to specific members of your team and you can break down the many aspects of the recruiting process into more manageable parts.

Best of all, Simplicant allows for easy access controls. This means you can control what information members of your team see and what information they can access and edit. You might have one member in charge of writing job descriptions, while someone else may only be able to review a select few profiles in order to interview and evaluate those candidates. By breaking down tasks and allowing for access control, Simplicant helps you maintain balance in your recruiting process.

Striking the right balance in the recruiting process is both art and science, and Simplicant’s next-gen recruitment software is making it incredibly easier.

What do you think? How do you strike the right balance between recruiting tasks? Share in the comments!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash