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Tips To Boost Company Branding & Recruitment Efforts

Should it be “show me the company culture” instead of “show me the money”? The iconic Jerry Maguire catchphrase might not apply to today’s job seekers, who are increasingly looking for corporations where they will enjoy working and can grow their skill sets.

A recent survey reported by Glassdoor shows workers are just as interested in company culture and perks as they are in the size of their paycheck. What does this mean for your recruitment efforts and how can recruiting software help? Company branding matters, and it is time to take stock of how well your company brand reflects your organization.

“You can create a business, choose a name, but unless people know about it you’re not going to sell any products,” Virgin CEO and entrepreneur Richard Branson said about branding. The same applies to employer branding, where you need to get the message out about your organization in order to attract the applicants you need.

Here are a few ways to use your next-gen recruiting software to enhance your company branding and recruitment efforts to attract the talented workers your organization needs.

Career Site Branding

Build a career site that reflects exactly what it is like to work at your organization. By using next-gen recruiting software like Simplicant, you can easily ensure your career site matches with the rest of your branding efforts and fits in seamlessly with the look of your site.

Go beyond how your site looks and highlight your company culture to all visitors on your careers pages. Include pictures, videos, and employee testimonials. Let prospective talent know what life is really like at your company. As a result, you will be able to attract candidates who not only have the skills (on paper) to do great in their jobs, but also fit well into your company culture and stick around for the long-haul.

Recruiting Software and Recruitment Marketing

If the talent pool you are targeting is unaware of your open positions, chances are you won’t see too many applicants showing interest. The reality is you need to get your jobs in front of your target audience and show them what they’re missing and why they should be interested in a career opportunity at your company.

With Simplicant’s recruiting software and applicant tracking system, you can create jobs, publish them to your careers site and push postings out to job boards and over social media. In addition to leveraging the applicant tracking system, make sure to connect and build relationships with the best candidates by engaging with them on your careers site and also on other platforms where they spend time online. With the help of your recruiting software platform, you can become a company branding ambassador and help interested job seekers understand see why your organization is a great place to build a career.

Building Social Ties

With Simplicant’s applicant tracking system and its social recruiting capabilities, it is easier to connect with talented candidates all over the Internet. Using social media, you can effectively distribute your job descriptions while getting your company branding messages in front of your target audience.

A critical aspect of the recruiting process is the quality and efficiency of the communication between the employer and the applicants. Simplicant makes it easy for employers to review and respond to any messages from applicants or prospects.

In addition, the ability to share on social media via your recruiting software puts the jobs in front of potential candidates and allows you to create social conversations, enabling the company to be responsive to people’s questions and comments — quickly and efficiently. This helps brand your company as an organization that takes a deep interest in and cares about its current workforce, as well as future employees — and likes to engage with them in active conversations.

Improve Your Company Culture

Getting your jobs published and distributed via your recruiting software and applicant tracking system are certainly necessary items on your recruitment marketing list. However, you also need to project a company culture prospective employees would want to join. This means identifying what your target job seekers might be searching for in their ideal employers and then adding some of these characteristics or perks to your organization.

For instance, 30 percent of employees are looking for career growth opportunities. In this case, your organization should make professional development and educational opportunities part of your company branding messages.

Today’s workers also crave a higher degree of freedom and flexibility. In fact, a recent survey showed employees would say goodbye to nearly 10 percent of their salaries for added flexibility in their work life. With this in mind, add more flexibility to your company branding messages and company culture. Allow workers to take a day to telecommute or maybe even offer unlimited vacation policies. You will attract more candidates to your open positions and improve your company branding efforts in the process.

Creating a successful company brand doesn’t happen overnight, but most employers realize it’s an important aspect of the recruitment process. Attention to building a strong employer brand drives engagement and helps attract talented individuals that are more likely to be a good fit for the organization. By combining the capabilities of Simplicant’s next-gen recruiting software solution with some good old fashioned improvements to your company culture, you can attract the talent your company needs to thrive.

What are some ways you use your recruiting software and your applicant tracking system to help improve your company brand and find the right people? Share in the comments!

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash