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Manage Recruitment Process In Volatile Job Market

More people than ever before, in the currently recruited workforce, are considering leaving their jobs for better employment opportunities. Recruitment process surveys and research results from various sources estimate that the number of people looking to switch their jobs is upwards of 60%. Under normal circumstances, people wait for their annual bonuses before starting a new job search. However, the slow economic activity has made it unnecessary for many to wait, as people are less optimistic about bonuses getting paid on time – or paid at all. As a result, the number of potentially available candidates, active and passive, is higher than normal in the current job market.

So how does this impact a recruiter’s job? What can hiring managers and employers do to adjust to these changes in the marketplace?

The increased volatility in the job market means that recruiters and hiring managers have to be better prepared to attract the best talent for their open positions. They need to leverage an efficient and effective talent acquisition system that can help them identify and engage the ideal candidates early in the process. An investment in the right recruitment  solution is a big step in the right direction.

Simplicant Recruitment Process

Simplicant’s cloud-based recruiting platform provides the social recruiting functionality to help employers and recruiters leverage the power of social media to identify, attract and engage potential candidates. Using Simplicant, hiring managers can create and publish their jobs to various popular job boards and social medial. In addition, they can share these jobs with a wide and diverse range of potential candidates, while using Simplicant’s powerful Applicant Tracking System to collaborate with other employees in the recruitment process. This referral based system puts the employer’s jobs in front of qualified individuals; many of them open to exploring. As a result, the hiring managers are able to expand their applicant talent pool and select the best fit. Request a demo for a free trial.

Photo by Federico Fioravanti on Unsplash