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Resume Management Software: Why Limit Recruiting

The hiring process in a fast growing company is no longer the simple task of managing and organizing a resume database.  An effective recruitment process requires building a comprehensive and engaging recruitment strategy to reach the best talent. While resume management is a good start to getting all your incoming resumes in one place, systems with limited recruitment management functionality simply cannot provide the capabilities to successfully run the hiring process in your company. Modern recruitment requires your technology infrastructure to go beyond resume management.

Your modern recruitment management system needs to provide the technology capabilities that will help your organization to take full advantage of the newest recruiting paradigms while leveraging social media, employee referrals, engagement methods, data analysis and automation.

In order to give your talent acquisition a boost and broaden your reach, you need to look beyond resume management software and go for a next generation recruitment software platform that demonstrates the following characteristics.

A Comprehensive Platform

A complete recruitment platform is most effective when it combines the power of a great applicant tracking system with interview scheduling, social recruiting, employee referrals, job postings and many other capabilities – making it easier for employers to standardize on one platform instead of switching back and forth between multiple software applications. These features extend beyond resume management, allowing companies to organize, sort and rank candidates to determine where they would fit best.  A complete platform also enables company employees to enter feedback based on their personal perception of the individual, directly into the system.  When referring back to interviewees, this process aids you in remembering exactly what you liked about each, beyond their achievements on paper.

Social Recruiting

Social media recruiting has become a critical component of the hiring process, offering companies an extremely efficient and viral way to broaden their talent acquisition reach. A next-generation applicant tracking software that includes social recruiting functionality makes it easy for you to seamlessly integrate social media efforts into your hiring process.  Social media outlets like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook create a way for companies to get their jobs in front of passive job seekers and some of the best talent out there.  The right applicant tracking software is a comprehensive platform that provides smooth integration between social recruiting and applicant tracking, making talent acquisition a fast and efficient process, instead of an isolated resume management software.

Employee Referral

By enabling employees to participate in the employee referral program, a company can virally tap a vast network of qualified talent that is already a part of its employee networks including social media platforms. An incentive based employee referral system keeps the employees engaged in the process as they can visually track and monitor the progress of their referred friends in the recruiting workflow. Rewards further motivate current employees to share jobs with their networks and take the time to refer the best candidates to the open positions in the company.

When evaluating recruitment management software, make sure to look for integrated functionality that lets you create and manage an employee referral program in your company. Look for a system that provides this capability as an integrated solution, instead of requiring you to integrate your resume management software with a number of different products to get the work done.

Recruitment Marketing

The types of candidates that send in their resumes will depend largely on how and where your company was discovered.  It is no longer good enough to sit back and wait for the best talent to come to you.  Talent acquisition is an active process in which your company must participate.  In order to attract the types of people that would be a good fit for your existing team and buy into your company values, you must create a recruitment marketing strategy to guide your hiring process.  Passively waiting for high quality candidates to approach you, will not cut it. Look beyond resume management and utilize the benefits of a complete recruiting software system that aids you in creating and implementing a plan to broaden your reach.

Career Site Branding

As you begin your search for the perfect hires and create a presence on multiple sites and various platforms, it is vital to maintain a consistent presence.  The brand image exuded by the actions of your HR and hiring team should represent your company as a whole.  Each career site, social application or tool that you implement to reach potential candidates should all possess a recurring theme and tone. This ensures consistency in your recruiting and hiring campaign and is likely to result in candidates with the most hiring potential.  By going beyond resume management and embracing a complete recruitment management system, your company can ensure that it maintains a unified branding strategy across all of its recruiting campaigns.

To summarize, recruitment management is no longer the process of resume management. In order to successfully attract and acquire top talent, companies must look beyond basic resume management software and streamline their hiring process with a complete recruitment software platform.

How does your organization track applicants, handle resume management, recruit socially, leverage employee referrals and manage its entire recruiting process?

Photo by Titus Blair on Unsplash