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Social Media Recruiting: Beyond Sourcing

While social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become some of the key social places where talent-seeking companies and recruiters look for sourcing top talent, HR teams and recruitment professionals also understand that the recruiting process is far from completed by simply going to a source such as LinkedIn and doing a search or posting a job.

In this article we will highlight why an enterprise level recruitment software platform and applicant tracking system are critical enterprise solutions with social media recruiting capabilities that any growing organization must have to get their recruitment organized and managed in an effective manner.

Social media recruiting is great for reaching talent, but the process does not stop there – a company must link its sourcing process seamlessly with the hiring workflow and applicant tracking within the enterprise.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter: Great Sources

Did you know that 91% of recruiters use social media to screen prospective employees? In other words, basically every recruiter up to speed with modern recruiting practices will use social media recruiting at some point in their recruitment cycle. It only makes sense. By screening potential applicants with social media, recruiters not only get a deeper understanding of how an employee will fit into their company culture but also a clearer picture of who they’re connected to in the company and the industry in general.

With over 200 Million active business-focused users, LinkedIn is undoubtedly a great place to look for and engage talent. Facebook may not have the same business slant as LinkedIn but it has nearly 10 times the number of users – that’s a lot of untapped potential. Twitter with 218 Million users, is great for finding candidates in specific fields like technology and social media.

With a complete and integrated social media recruitment platform that includes the necessary workflow elements your organization needs, you can tap all of these social media channels in a streamlined fashion and process the applications seamlessly. Simplicant makes it easy to promote jobs to multiple social media platforms from one centrally controlled platform, saving time and keeping things simple. All responses are tracked and it is easy to see what channels are working better than others.

An integrated Applicant Tracking System for Seamless Workflow

Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great for finding and reaching talent on social media. However, after the first connection with candidates is established, there is a need to process the candidate applications internally in an enterprise environment. This processing includes, applicant screening, interview scheduling, assessments and evaluations and various other elements of the hiring process.

Simplicant offers a wide array of collaboration and sharing features for social media recruiting that help an organization hire better and faster. For example, you can add team members to the hiring process to do anything from messaging candidates and scheduling interviews to filling evaluations and providing detailed comments.

Social Media Recruiting In A World of Connections

When founding LinkedIn in 2003, Reid Hoffman knew that business connections weren’t just cold calls to strangers. He knew that they were about building strong trust-based relationships with current and former colleagues, who could vouch for your capabilities, characteristics and work experience.

Simplicant’s Employee Referral functionality has been designed to make hiring more effective in an environment where the employees have been empowered to effectively participate in the hiring process by leveraging their networks and easily referring candidates into the system. This helps the organization quickly reach candidates who will fit into the company culture – while creating a culture where employees are rewarded for their referrals. Once a candidate is reached, the applicant tracking system makes it easy for referrers to check on the progress of the applications they may have referred.

How are you looking to boost your recruitment process with the help of a social media recruiting platform?

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash