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Social Recruiting Strategies: Get Talent By LinkedIn

This year companies are expected to use social recruiting strategies for an impressive 80 percent of all job openings. Social media outlets are changing the way recruiters source, engage, and hire great candidates.

One of the bigger social networks is LinkedIn, where nearly 98 percent of recruiters turn to look for talent. Realizing the power of its social network, LinkedIn has opened the doors to recruiters looking to use the platform more strategically. But can you really replace a good recruitment platform with LinkedIn’s solutions alone? Or does it make more sense for your social recruiting strategies to utilize both LinkedIn and a social media recruiting platform for the best results?

Here are some of the many reasons why your social recruiting strategies must include an enterprise recruitment platform and an applicant tracking system to implement an effective hiring process:

Social Media Dissemination

LinkedIn is clearly a huge social network for finding and connecting with professionals. The site has more than 2 million company pages and nearly 161 million members. That’s a lot of professionals to network with using LinkedIn’s recruiter platform. The drawback, however, is that despite the platform’s ability to push out to other social media networks, it was made primarily with LinkedIn in mind.

Simplicant, on the other hand, has the DNA of multiple social networks built into the platform. This means you can promote your job on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any of the large job boards. Your social recruiting strategies should include tapping LinkedIn’s 161 million members without missing Facebook’s considerable 901 million members and Twitter’s actively tweeting 500 million accounts.

Employee Referrals

To find great employees for your company, you might not even have to leave the workplace. Last year, the largest source of external hires – at 28 percent – was employee referrals. While LinkedIn can allow you to tap into your connections on that particular network, other social recruiting platforms also belong in your overall social recruiting strategies and are a great source for referrals across your entire network.

Simplicant empowers companies to utilize employee referrals as part of their social recruiting strategies to find great people. The platform allows employees to share openings with talented candidates they know. Your current employees know the company, its culture, and the challenges facing your industry. They also know the candidates they are suggesting and how these new hires would fit into the company at large. Best of all, Simplicant tracks all referral information, allowing employees to be rewarded for their contributions and companies to track these cost-effective suggestions.


Simplicant has wide-ranging capabilities for team collaboration, which can be used in combination with LinkedIn’s solutions. Hiring is a team sport, after all, and it’s imperative to get everyone involved for a more efficient and cost-effective hiring process that will give the organization better ROI. You need multiple team members, and often multiple departments, to weigh in on important hiring decisions.

Simplicant’s social recruiting platform allows for a greater degree of collaboration and sharing, resulting in more intelligent hiring assessments. Team members can be added to the hiring process to schedule interviews, message candidates, and even rate them. These notes can all be shared thanks to the cloud-based platform, making it intuitive and simple to access this information at any time. If your company has a large hiring operation, certain team members can even be assigned open positions to monitor. The system will then notify these individuals when new applications come in so they can constantly stay up-to-date on the top applicants.

Companies looking to improve their social recruiting strategies, realize that sourcing from multiple social media platforms is important for a well-rounded recruiting process. More talented candidates than ever before are turning to these online social spaces to network and look for jobs. So companies looking to attract this top talent need full service platforms capable of finding and engaging with these candidates where they live online. When it comes to social media dissemination, employee referrals, and intuitive workplace collaboration, Simplicant’s recruiting software is a platform built to help companies hire better.

How are you using Simplicant to hire better?

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash