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Social Recruitment: Talent Sourcing & Management

With high unemployment and a wealth of talent flooding into the candidate pool, employers need a social media recruitment system that can help them effectively source and communicate with the right candidates and then efficiently take them through a screening and interviewing workflow. Simplicant’s next-gen recruitment platform embraces the newest capabilities and brings a new kind of social relevance to the process of hiring as well as job seeking. Hiring managers and recruiters now have the opportunity to embrace new talent sourcing paradigms while extending their recruitment reach and broadening their hiring capabilities beyond that of a traditional applicant tracking system.

Today’s recruitment needs are most effectively addressed by those next-gen recruiting platforms that combine the latest technology and talent sourcing trends, social media engagement, and cloud-based collaborative capabilities with the candidate management and applicant tracking functionality that is built from the ground up to work with the latest talent acquisition practices.

Social media recruitment is making talent sourcing and hiring great people easier than ever before and here are just a few ways how:

Addressing Candidate Needs

The competitive marketplace is forcing job seekers to weigh their time and efforts more carefully when applying for jobs. This is especially true when it comes to passive applicants who do not have much time to begin with. If job seekers see a cumbersome, dead-end application form in front of them, they might just abandon the whole process, which is an excellent way to lose out on top talent.

With Simplicant’s reporting and analytics, employers can get insights into a candidate’s application experience. If recruiters see most of their applicants are abandoning the application halfway through, they know to make the form shorter. If applicants seem to show a negative reaction to one section of the application, this can be tweaked to remove any unnecessary hurdles from the talent sourcing process.

Finding Talent Where They Live

One of the most important advantages of using a social recruitment platform is the ability to find talent where they live online and connect with them using their language. Candidates are now increasingly fluent in the language of tweets, status updates, and other social media shorthand. If your company is connecting with them on these platforms, you will be more strategically poised to turn these passive pageviews into active applicants.

Simplicant’s social sharing capabilities make it simple and fast to share openings on the most popular platforms where your target talent spends most of their time. Better yet, you can use analytics to track the all the different sources while managing all candidate data on one platform and consolidating your hiring efforts. With Simplicant, it is easier than ever to build and manage your talent community and use it as a viable pipeline  of qualified candidates for your company’s current and future open positions.

Social recruiting and next-gen digital technologies are redefining the hiring process and talent sourcing in general. They are making it simpler and more efficient to find and attract top talent from a multitude of sources. The candidates your company needs to succeed in the marketplace spend more of their time in online communities and on social media. Using a platform built for the new era of social media driven communications, organizations can take control of how to engage and attract top talent.

How are social recruiting platforms redefining the recruitment process? Share in the comments!

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash