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The Skills Gap Issue In Startup Hiring

The skills gap is a major concern for venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. This should not be surprising if you look at numbers like those provided by the Job Preparedness Indicator. According to this recent survey, only 17 percent of hiring managers said candidates were presenting the right skills for the job.

In startup companies, it is even more essential to hire employees with the necessary skill sets. A bad hire can cost a company big money, and hiring an employee who does not fit into your organization can ruin the company culture you have worked so hard to build.  
Employees at startups often need to be flexible and have the ability to wear a lot of hats. If your new hire lacks the right skills for the job, they will be unlikely to add much value to your company.
Startups do not have unlimited time and resources to find the best people. They need to find a candidate with the right skills, and they need to do so quickly.

Skills gap is a critical issue that makes it hard to find the right fit and keeps many employers from filling their open positions quickly.

Using a talent acquisition and social recruiting platform like Simplicant is a great way to streamline your hiring efforts and focus on finding the most skilled candidates, while taking advantage of a robust applicant tracking system. But here are some other great ways to jump the skills gap in a single bound and hire the best people for your startup company:

  • Assess and Calibrate
  • Look for Fit First, Then Develop Skills
  • Reward Referrals

To see more details on how to avoid the skills gap when hiring for your startup, read the full post on HR.com!

What are some ways your company is beating the skills gap? Share in the comments!

Photo by Farnoosh Abdollahi on Unsplash