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Talent Management System & Recruitment Management

Our recent article on the role of Recruiting in the context of talent management highlighted some of the key, and in some cases subtle, differences between a recruiting software platform and a traditional talent management system.  It provided helpful information for employers looking to purchase a new system to strengthen their recruitment regiment.  In this follow up to our previous post, we are stressing the need to assess your unique talent acquisition requirements. A clear understanding of your highest priority recruiting needs will help you pick a system that is most effective in attracting, engaging and hiring top talent.

As we pointed out in the previous article, a talent management system in its broadest form covers talent acquisition as well as post-recruitment talent management capabilities including performance management, goal management, career development and other capabilities designed to retain and develop existing employees. However, most traditional talent management systems wither do not includes recruitment capabilities or provide insufficient functionality in the areas of recruitment and talent acquisition.

With recruitment and talent acquisition now elevated to the top of most corporate strategic goals, every growing organization needs recruitment capabilities that cover the entire hiring workflow.

With this fundamental change, a complete recruitment software platform is more detailed and necessary for a growing organization’s hiring needs than an old-fashioned talent management system.

Does a company need a recruitment management system in addition to a talent management system?

For small and medium sized companies focused on growing and acquiring talent, a recruitment platform is a critical need. For companies in this category, starting with a solid next-gen recruiting software system is important. In fact, starting the talent acquisition process on the right foot helps a lot in making sure you bring the right talent on board. If your needs require you to explore performance management and other post recruitment talent management capabilities, check with your recruitment software provider as they may be able to provide an integrated experience via collaboration with other vendors. This will ensure that your entire talent process works smoothly in an integrated way.

Can a recruitment management system be integrated with a talent management system?

If you already have a talent management system or for specific business reasons you have acquired one, you would want to have your recruitment management system integrated with the talent and performance management system to provide a complete seamless flow. With a next-gen recruitment management system, this integration can be easily accomplished. The recruitment system will generally need to push the new employee information as an employee record into your talent management or other ERP database.

As you start exploring technology solutions for recruiting and talent acquisition, keep in mind that your recruitment needs are best served by a next-gen recruiting software solution that has been designed specifically to cover recruitment and talent acquisition in detail. At this point, just keep in mind that you are better off going with a platform that keeps up with the latest technology practices. Integration and exchange of information with third party systems is easier for newer cloud-based systems. You certainly have an advantage going with a next-gen solution than trying to acquire technology that claims to have a lot of functionality but in reality most of which might not even be relevant in this era of social media, constant need for engagement, mobility and cloud computing.

Photo by Luke Peters on Unsplash