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User Management For Enterprise Recruiting

As a company grows its operations, the recruiting process evolves from an isolated small-scale activity to one that requires many stakeholders to participate. User management capability of a recruitment software platform allows for different levels of access for the various team members who will be involved in the hiring process.

Management of user permissions represents an access control function for managing access for certain people during different stages of hiring. Though often overlooked in recruitment software and applicant tracking selection, user management is an extremely important part of the recruiting process. It helps employers and human resource personnel to easily, efficiently and seamlessly involve several people in the hiring process. Employee hiring is after all, a team effort, often requiring the input of several employees.

The following are just a few of the many reasons why user management and access control are critical aspects of a recruiting software platform.

Team Collaboration

Successful companies recognize the importance of working as a team. Each employee has a unique role to play in the company’s success. This is not something that disappears during the recruiting and hiring process. The ability to administer user permissions in a recruiting environment, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved and have access to the same recruitment platform, allows employees to access only those parts of the system that are relevant to their involvement in the process. It encourages interaction and collaboration amongst employees as they weigh in on hiring decisions in a secure way, keeping confidential information accessible to only those who have been granted access . This may involve getting the opinions of several key employees or those that are currently working in the department for which the company is hiring new talent.

Social Recruiting

The recruiting process is an ongoing activity. There is often a lot that needs to be done in order to ensure that the company is keeping up with the industry. Recruiting software that utilizes a user management component keeps up with tasks that need to be done and those that can be checked off. This feature prevents multiple employees from responding to the same candidate and makes sure that someone is staying on top of social recruiting. Task delegation and management is crucial to successfully accomplishing every stage of the recruiting process.

Contract Recruiters

When proper access control cannot be administered with a recruitment system, it can cause some problems for privacy-minded companies. When a company has engaged outside recruiters, consultants or firms to help in the hiring of specific jobs, it is often required to provide access to such stakeholders on your recruitment systems. However, it is highly desirable to limit this access to only those jobs that these respective recruiters are hiring for. Moreover, employers may even want to limit access for certain stakeholders to only those candidates that they have submitted into the system. A recruitment system with proper access control mechanism integrated into the core applicant tracking system can help control access for outside recruiters as well as for other members of the recruiting team.

Employee Referral

One of the biggest sources of external hires is employee referral. There is real hiring potential within your current employee base – unlocking this employee referral power with an integrated recruitment software platform can help a company greatly in finding talent from multiple sources. Many companies, with or without an applicant tracking system, are unable to fully appreciate and benefit from employee referral programs. While there are several characteristics that make a good employee referral program, the ability to include employees in the referral program and provide each with the appropriate access is important. Proper user management and access control allows various stakeholders to get involved to the extent that is most appropriate for them.

Improved Efficiency

User management makes it quicker and easier to delegate recruitment related tasks to various team members and get everyone to easily collaborate via the same recruitment software platform. With a clear and prioritized outline of everything that needs to be accomplished during the hiring process, user management helps team members track and achieve their respective goals in a timely manner. Each employee can see the tasks they need to accomplish and can be reminded of the actions they need. This keeps the hiring workflow moving forward efficiently by minimizing process bottlenecks.

Hiring is team-based activity. A next-generation recruiting software platform can provide the collaborative environment that makes it possible for all stakeholders to easily participate in the process. When multiple people have access to the system, it also becomes important to control the level of access each has to different parts of the system. User management and access control are critical parts of the recruitment management process and allow employers and human resource groups to easily get multiple stakeholders including outside recruiters to get involved in the hiring process, while keeping control over the level of access for each individual.

What are some of the user management challenges you face in recruitment and what are you doing to manage that?

Photo by Mauro Sbicego on Unsplash