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What Is Resume Tracking – A Review Of The Basics

As a growing company, filling those open positions and bringing the right people on board must be at the top of your list of priorities. If you are using the right set of recruiting tools and technologies, chances are that you would receive hundreds of resumes for every position on the average.  When you are getting inundated by tons of resumes, there are two key questions you should ask yourself. Are you attracting the right kind of applicants? And, do you have the means for proper resume tracking and keeping things organized.

The quality of the applicants that you attract and how well they match your requirements depend on a number of factors as discussed in one of our previous posts here. In this post, we will look at the need and benefits of proper resume tracking, a basic capability that every growing organization needs as part of a complete recruitment technology solution that includes an applicant tracking system. Yes, you need an applicant tracking system to get your recruitment workflow organized.

Maintaining resumes in emails or managing a stack of paper resumes soon becomes an impossible task for HR and hiring managers. This approach is clearly not scalable and can’t get the job done when you are working with a steady flow of incoming resumes.

Powerful resume tracking capability in a recruitment management system can help a company remove unnecessary obstacles and improve its recruitment process with better organization and scalability.

A well designed recruitment workflow that leverages a comprehensive recruiting software platform can go a long way in making the hiring process streamlined and more efficient. The good news is that getting started with a nextgen, cloud-based online recruiting software platform is easy to do and you can start with a free trial. Here are some benefits.

Increased Engagement

If your business is using old school ways to sift through resumes, it is most likely not able to process all incoming applications and some good candidates could be getting ignored. More importantly, this is not scalable and you simply can’t expect your HR or hiring team to do a decent job of tracking applicants manually. The ability to efficiently screen and review incoming applications and resumes in an organized and collaborative way is critical to keep your company’s hiring process moving forward at a swift pace.  An efficient process is an effective one.  Your human resources department may be wasting valuable time sorting through resumes.  Broaden your reach and engage with more potential hires with a resume tracking system.


A valuable outcome of proper applicant and resume tracking is collaboration – allowing individuals from various teams to be involved in the different aspects of the recruitment process.  Resume tracking is one aspect of a comprehensive digital recruiting system.  Resumes will no longer get lost in the shuffle during the many different phases of the hiring workflow.  Candidate information can be easily tracked and accessed by anyone at any point in time, without much trouble.  Resume tracking with the help of a recruiting software platform can turn the hiring process into a seamless, integrated process allowing employees and recruiters to collaborate on decision-making through a unified platform.

Improved Quality of Hires

A SaaS based and comprehensive recruiting software platform provides companies with the ability to drive multiple recruitment initiatives from one platform – with centralized applicant and resume tracking. The ability to leverage multiple sources to tap high quality talent and to collaboratively review applications provides an opportunity for valuable analysis and improvements.  A resume tracking component not only makes it easier for all stakeholders to store, organize, and access critical information at any time, but also offers insights into those candidate qualities that your company is seeking.  This information and the organized process around it can help your company develop and implement a targeted recruiting and hiring strategy.  This process will not only improve the quality of hires but can also cut down on the cost-per-hire, resulting in a better, faster and cost-effective hiring process.

Resume tracking is a necessary and critical component of an effective recruiting and hiring process.  The benefits flow into every aspect of recruiting from cost effectiveness to crucial team member involvement and integration.  Your team needs an applicant tracking system to streamline the flow of incoming resumes and to manage the process of screening and evaluating applicants. It is probably the best investment you can make to improve your recruiting process.

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