Applicant Tracking Comparison: 10 Tips To Guide Your Recruiting

Today‚Äôs recruiting landscape can appear difficult to navigate when you are looking for ways to boost your company’s hiring effectiveness. One job posting can attract hundreds to thousands of resumes, making efficiency a key concern for companies in the midst of an applicant tracking comparison. To automate the hiring process and increase the productivity of busy HR managers, many companies have made the switch to modern applicant tracking systems. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong recruiting software can drive away highly-qualified candidates instead of attracting them. This article highlights 10 applicant tracking comparison tips to effectively find and attract the most qualified candidates for your Read more

Talent Acquisition With Social Recruiting

Referrals have historically been a major source of quality performers for any company. The concept behind it is simple: Its classic word-of-mouth marketing in play. Smart people on your team know other smart people who become applicants, which ultimately raises the bar of the candidate pool. To leverage the power of referrals, Simplicant have just launched a useful set of tools that will allow members to easily post job vacancies to specific individuals on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn within seconds. This instantly expands your audience and the visibility of your job opening increases manifold. The result is Read more

Detailed Analytics And Your Recruiting KPIs!

This has been a much-requested feature from our community and its not hard to see why. Reports on your hiring pipeline and application influx can surface areas of improvement and the key performance indicators that will help you objectively assess your recruiting efforts. At the end of the day, if you’re not benchmarking your performance, you’re losing out – Its as simple as that. As with every other department, employers need to be well informed on how their recruitment efforts are faring with time and whether they are investing in the proper channels. Answers to questions like “Are their any Read more