Hiring Collaboration

Start Hiring Like Google: Apply 3 Strategies Today

Finding talent is only half the battle in recruitment. The next, and arguably most difficult, challenge that faces startups of any industry or size is hiring the best candidate for the job. Many companies have their own formulas and practices for narrowing down and finally making an offer to their newest hire. One company whose hiring practices are widely known for their lengthy and intensive strategies is Google. According to this infographic, the tech giant receives up to one million resumes annually, and as a result, only hires 0.1% to 0.4% of candidates who go through their hiring program.

3 Things Your Job Applicants Need To Hear You Say

The recruitment management process can be a time-consuming experience for both the employer and the job applicant. Although you might feel overwhelmed at times, it’s vital that you keep communication lines open with your candidates and continue providing feedback to each job applicant throughout the process. It’s what you would want if you were in their situation, right?

Online Recruitment System: Collaborative Hiring Tips

Attracting and acquiring the right talent is a critical and strenuous task that involves many people who contribute, via an online recruitment system, in the various aspects of the hiring process. These could be internal employees, hiring managers, executive management, contract recruiters, social media contacts and many other internal/external stakeholders. Most of them will need to review the status of candidate applications, in the recruitment system, at various points in the process. In addition, many of these stakeholders will have valuable input and information that will need to be recorded in the online recruitment system and shared with others at Read more

Manage Recruitment Process In Volatile Job Market

More people than ever before, in the currently recruited workforce, are considering leaving their jobs for better employment opportunities. Recruitment process surveys and research results from various sources estimate that the number of people looking to switch their jobs is upwards of 60%. Under normal circumstances, people wait for their annual bonuses before starting a new job search. However, the slow economic activity has made it unnecessary for many to wait, as people are less optimistic about bonuses getting paid on time – or paid at all. As a result, the number of potentially available candidates, active and passive, is Read more