Hiring Trends

Social Recruiting Strategies: Get Talent By LinkedIn

This year companies are expected to use social recruiting strategies for an impressive 80 percent of all job openings. Social media outlets are changing the way recruiters source, engage, and hire great candidates. One of the bigger social networks is LinkedIn, where nearly 98 percent of recruiters turn to look for talent. Realizing the power of its social network, LinkedIn has opened the doors to recruiters looking to use the platform more strategically. But can you really replace a good recruitment platform with LinkedIn’s solutions alone? Or does it make more sense for your social recruiting strategies to utilize both Read more

Simple Ways To Getting Past Job Gaps

It’s no surprise that hiring managers and recruiters spend very little time doing a first pass on the deluge of candidate applications they receive. In fact, they typically spend no more than six seconds scanning a candidate’s resume. With that in mind, a candidate must pay attention to those areas in a resume or profile that the employers and recruiters are most interested in.

4 Additional Hiring Mistakes Startups Make

A recent New York Times article outlined the top 10 rookie mistakes entrepreneurs are likely to make, such as believing that they have advertising sussed out and saving money on professional advice. Let’s take a look at some of the hiring mistakes startups usually make when it comes to building a team. How can these be avoided? Check out our list of additional hiring mistakes startups make (and how to fix them):

Social Recruiting Strategy & Facebook Capabilities

Facebook — the largest social networking platform — went public a few weeks ago, and not everyone may have been able to “like” how the market reacted. Regardless of where the stock price is, there’s no question that Facebook has been a pioneer in bringing change (good and bad) in regards to how people communicate with each other, from its initial beginnings in a Harvard dorm room to the major makeover known as Timeline. The recent uproar regarding Facebook’s IPO may be shifting attention to a debate around the value of the stock. The reality is that Facebook is a Read more

Writing Job Descriptions To Fit Your Hiring Needs

If you’re experiencing a pattern of finding the wrong candidates, whether they aren’t meeting minimum qualifications or don’t seem to “fit” within your culture, how you are writing job descriptions might be the culprit. Often overlooked, writing job descriptions properly plays a crucial role in attracting talent to a company’s open positions and hence deserve special attention. They help to build a talent pipeline that suits the needs and goals of an organization. A common problem while writing job descriptions is that they fail to properly articulate the requirements and the specific characteristics of the job that would make it Read more

Unemployment Bias Can Lead To Missed Opportunities

In addition to mass layoffs and a high unemployment rate, another undesirable and somewhat lasting outcome that can be associated with the recent US recession has been a practice by some recruiters and HR departments to refuse hiring the long-term unemployed. It’s a paradox that has frustrated job seekers, riled up legislators and serves only to impede the recovery of a struggling market. It’s aptly named “unemployment bias” and, unfortunately, is not recognized as a protected class, like race, age, or gender.