Recruitment Funnel Management For Better Hiring

It’s rare you find the best fitting people for your open positions right away. Your recruitment funnel defines the process through which you identify and eventually hire a select few out of a large number of applicants. In fact, these days companies are interviewing an increasing number of applicants before they are able to find someone who fits their unique requirements. Hence it’s critical for organizations to start off with a large number of high quality prospects. Your recruitment funnel is made up of potential hires ranging from active job seekers to passive candidates. Managing this funnel is not always Read more

3 Ways Recruiting Platforms Save You Time & Money

Too often, budget-strapped companies resist using recruiting platforms — mostly due to perceptions or past experiences that such online recruiting software is costly and complex. These companies fail to consider that the traditional costs of managing these tasks may be far greater. Older, more inefficient methods can lead to wasted time, money, and productivity. Simplicant, a talent acquisition software and recruiting platform, saves companies money and helps hire the best candidates quickly and accurately. Check out these three ways talent acquisition and recruiting platforms can help your company save time and money: 1. Better Team Communication Recruiting platforms can be essential Read more

How To Use Video For Recruiting Top Talent

The use of next-gen recruitment practices for recruiting top talent is a growing trend in today’s hiring community. While social media gets the bulk of the attention, video recruiting is quickly becoming a way to show off your company brand and provide candidates with a candid look into the company culture. Why use online video for recruiting top talent? Because your top talent is attracted to online video. Last year, nearly 800 million people consumed web videos and by 2016 this number is expected to rise to 1.5 billion, according to Cisco.

4 Ways To Help New Hire Start With Positive Outlook

Starting a new job is never easy. It is often full of uncertainty and learning what seems like a million new things all at once. This is why it is so important for a new employee to go in to a new job with a positive outlook. Unfortunately, many job seekers cannot let go of the negative experiences they encountered in their old job, which prevents them from having the positive outlook they need to really succeed when beginning at a new company. So what can recruiters do to get candidates to stop holding on to bad memories from former Read more

Job Candidate: 3 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

Forty-seven percent of workers are thinking about making a change in their workplace situation. Social recruiting is paving the way for recruiters to easily reach out to this wide pool of job candidates faster and more effectively than ever before. This does not mean, however, that recruiters should ignore establishing positive relationships with potential employees. The following are some signs your candidate relationship management might be failing, and how to fix these communication misfires to keep job candidates engaged:

Facebook Recruitment Tips That Really Work

Is your Facebook page adding value to your company? Getting people to “like” your page is a great way to engage with customers, partners, and current employees. Facebook recruitment is also about building relationships with potential job seekers interested in your company. Using Facebook recruitment as part of an overall social media recruitment strategy is a smart way to connect with an audience of interested job seekers. Most businesses have adopted the Facebook company page as part of their company’s extended web presence, but are they using Facebook recruitment effectively to get the most value out of this exercise? Facebook Read more

LinkedIn Recruiting: Do’s & Don’ts For Recruiters

As one of the largest professional networking sites out there, LinkedIn is one of the prime platforms where talent hangs out and cannot be ignored when it comes to social recruitment. With over 774 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn recruiting is a necessary activity for both recruiters and job seekers. While LinkedIn recruiting should be a very important part of the process in the realm of social recruiting, it is equally important to be aware of certain do’s and don’ts to avoid misusing the professional networking service. LinkedIn has been around the Internet space long enough for Read more

Hiring Strategy: 4 Reasons To Use Same Day Job Offer

When your company is feeling the pain due to unfilled critical positions, finding a great candidate who is a good match could be the lucky break your team has been looking for. Not only does this person have great qualifications and experience, but they just nailed the job interview. Everyone involved feels really great about the candidate’s future with the company. Still, your hiring strategy includes a lot of red tape to work through before the hiring is finalized. When your company finally puts forth an offer, you receive terrible news..that your superstar candidate has already taken a job with a Read more

5 Cringe-Worthy Recruiting Mistakes & How to Avoid

There is no shortage of blogs and articles that highlight the recruiting mistakes job seekers make and how they can better impress recruiters, informing them of all the things they do that keep them from getting hired. Job seekers, however, are not the only variable in the recruiting equation – recruiters and hiring managers play an equally important role in bringing an outcome to the process. They sometimes make recruiting mistakes that can prove to be quite costly for their company’s hiring process. 

Build Strong Recruitment Campaign With Social Media

Social media and recruiting are a match made in talent acquisition heaven. The evidence is clear: this report reiterates the continued growth of social networking platforms and the increasing amount of time users spend on these. Another confirms the reliance on social networking sites for talent sourcing and recruitment campaigns. When you put the two together, the benefits are obvious. But, what if you have never created a social recruitment campaign? What if you are just getting used to this whole social thing? Check out these tips to build a social media driven recruitment campaign, ensuring you are reaching the Read more