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Job Application Knockout Questions

One of the common challenges employers face in the talent acquisition process is the large number of received applications that are either unqualified or simply not a good match for the open position based on the requirements listed in the job description. Manually screening each application to separate qualified applications from unqualified ones soon becomes an arduous process. The use of application knockout questions or automated screening questions or decision rules, in the job application process, is a helpful way for making the applicant tracking system (ATS) more useful during the hiring process.  Automate screening with knockout questions A job Read more

Candidate Profile: Qualitative Characteristics

Qualitative personality traits are one of the more difficult aspects of a candidate profile to fully grasp. The extent to which a candidate displays qualitative characteristics like resourcefulness, independence and dependability isn’t immediately clear during the interview process, for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the interview process only mimics the experiences one may have within the job itself in a very tangential manner. A fleeting moment of cooperation during the interview doesn’t necessarily mean that the candidate takes direction or constructive criticism well. This is especially true when you consider that, during an interview, the majority of candidates Read more