Message from CEO

Simplicant is the leading social recruiting platform and applicant tracking system built from the ground up to harness the power of the newest and most effective paradigms in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employee referrals and applicant tracking combined in one complete and integrated social recruitment management system.

Message from CEO

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Simplicant and our modern recruitment platform. We understand that you have many options available for managing your hiring process. We built the Simplicant recruitment platform with one goal in mind – to help our customers confidently and effectively turn the recruitment process into a competitive advantage. Talent acquisition is a top priority for companies in all industries. Yet, many executives continue to struggle with effectively supporting their company's strategic vision with a recruitment process that can deliver great results in a timely and cost-effective way.
The powerful recruiting technology offered by Simplicant streamlines the entire hiring process from job creation and publishing to candidate interviewing and hiring. It transforms your company’s hiring into a strategic, engaging and collaborative effort guided by organized content and analytics. Simplicant’s cloud-based platform makes all recruitment information readily available to your entire team for easy and on-the-go decision making.
The fast-evolving talent technology landscape presents a unique challenge to hiring managers across industries. Our team closely watches key trends that impact the effectiveness of a company’s recruiting efforts. We make it a priority to incorporate and adopt the trends and technologies that boost our customer’s HR capabilities while helping them present their employer brand in the best possible way.
At Simplicant, we are dedicated to continuous innovation. Our product development process is driven by the idea that there is no end result, only an evolving and ever-expanding development life cycle that strives to improve the customer experience. With the support of our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders, Simplicant is committed to continuously improving and simplifying the sourcing, interviewing and hiring experiences for growing organizations. We look forward to helping you leverage the Simplicant platform and turn your talent acquisition process into a strategic advantage for your organization.


Sajjad Masud

Chief Executive Officer