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Analytics Manager

The Analytics Manager develops and implements comprehensive tools and strategies that allow raw data to be transformed into business insights. He/She gathers and analyzes data to help clients gain valuable insights and influence decision-making.

Key Responsibilities

  • Determines how analytics can be used to help their company achieve specific goals
  • Extracts reports from multiple sources (e.g. operations, IT, customer feedback)
  • Assigns tasks to data analysts, predictive analytics professionals and others who are part of their team.
  • Recruits, trains, develops and supervises analyst-level employees.
  • Makes hiring decisions and deciding where each analyst’s skills will prove most productive for the organization
  • Oversees the data/report requests process: tracking requests submitted, prioritization, approval, etc.
  • Oversees the work of an analytics department, ensuring its accuracy.
  • Identifies business opportunities and ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Takes the lead on developing processes for effective data analysis and reporting

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, System Administration or a closely related field
  • Proven previous work experience as an Analytics Manager
  • Solid experience in data analysis and reporting; industry experience is a plus
  • Experience and knowledge of statistical modeling techniques: GLM multiple regression, logistic regression, log-linear regression, variable selection, etc.
  • Experience using analytics techniques to contribute to company growth efforts, increasing revenue and other key business outcomes.

Skills needed for this role

The Analytics Manager must have strong business skills to understand how to turn data into usable information that can benefit their company. He/She needs analytical skills to evaluate data and they also need to pay attention to details to ensure data is accurate. He/She must also have problem-solving skills to develop effective business recommendations based on their assessment of the data their team produces.

Career Level


Job Specializations

Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Management