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Athletic Director

The Athletic Director oversees all aspects of the athletic programs that are sponsored by a school or an institution. His/Her duties include the hiring of staff and coaches, ordering equipment for teams, promoting events, matches, and meets. He/She develops, manages, and supervises the school’s physical education and athletic programs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides guidance and direction for a school’s sports program
  • Confers with coaches to establish games, events, and practice schedules.
  • Examines all playing arenas to see if they are available and ready for play.
  • Ensures that all coaching positions are filled with competent and properly trained coaches.
  • Coordinates and promotes athletic events, such as games and fundraisers.
  • Collaborates with conferences and leagues about scheduling issues
  • Maintains an awareness of industry events and changes, such as regulation changes.
  • Files reports on the status of each team and its successes and shortcomings
  • Mediates any disputes between athletes and coaches or between coaches

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Sports Management and other related programs
  • Relevant experience as an Athletic Director for more than 5 years
  • Experience teaching and coaching different sports as well as different levels (middle school, junior varsity, varsity)
  • Successful background working with student athletes and coaches.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, with a professional and empathetic approach

Skills needed for this role

The Athletic Director must have excellent skills in planning, organization, leadership. He/She needs to have some background in legal terminology and public relations as well. Having good interpersonal skills is necessary when concerns from school board members or parents arise over sports team decisions or the use of athletic funds

Career Level


Job Specializations

Education, Physical Education