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Bridal Stylist

The Bridal Stylist is an individual who assists customers who are bride-to-be, to make choices for their wedding outfit. He/She helps the clients in selecting the most suitable wedding attire. He/She is also in-charge of finding the perfect dress and accessories for every client

Key Responsibilities

  • Recommends specific wedding products, such as gowns and accessories, based on those preferences
  • Takes measurements for the entire bridal party as well as the bride
  • Informs brides of available merchandise and select items that will complement their desired looks
  • Shows wedding gowns to the clients and provide personalized suggestions regarding their wedding looks
  • Assists clients with gown fitting and follow up alterations
  • Advises bridal gown store managers on trends in bridal fashions and styling.
  • Suggests jewelry, veils, gloves and other accessories to the bride to be.
  • Provides individual and dedicated services to the different customers

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing; A High School diploma will also be preferred.
  • Proven work experience as Bridal Stylist
  • Exceptional ability in creating fashionable and stylish bridal ensembles.
  • Working knowledge of major designers and accessories
  • Strong sense of fashion and trends

Skills needed for this role

The Bridal Stylist needs to be very familiar with the latest trends in wedding style. He/She should also have excellent customer service skills, as making our clients happy is the most important part of this job. Having excellent communication and people skills are also required for this role as the bulk of their job will involve working directly with their clients

Career Level

1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations