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Chief Administrative Officer

A Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is a high-level executive who supervises the daily operations of a business and is ultimately responsible for the performance of the departments they manage. Found across all industries and in both the non-profit and publicly traded sectors, these management professionals are experts at making businesses function efficiently.

Key Responsibilities

  • Works with executives to identify gaps in administrative processes
  • Recruits, hires, and trains upper level company executives
  • Plans, implements and manages company’s strategy and planning
  • Addresses and resolves any issues or problems with company performance
  • Builds and nurtures relationships with clients and potential business partners
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures for departments and teams
  • Knowledge of operational characteristics, services and activities of municipal administration and organization
  • Conducts formal and informal presentations for staff and executive team members
  • Reports and presents documented reports to the Chief Executive Officer and other top executives

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business administration, public administration or a related field
  • More than 5 years experience in operations management
  • Familiarity with financial management principles
  • Experience with fiscal planning, budgeting and reporting
  • Oversees execution of advertising campaigns and other promotional events
  • The ability to handle the stress of a high-powered position

Skills needed for this role

The Chief Administrative Officer must possess detailed knowledge of a company’s mission and goals and Demonstrates specific knowledge of company products and services.He/She should be capable of conducting independent market research and must demonstrate excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.

Career Level


Job Specializations

Administrative, Public Administration