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Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer will oversee multiple company projects. The Chief Engineer’s responsibilities will include assigning tasks to engineering teams, setting long and short-term project goals, negotiating with vendors and clients, ensuring that projects stay within time and budgetary restraints, and compiling reports for the board of directors.

Key Responsibilities

  • Works with the design team to develop safe, efficient, and effective projects that will fall within the budget.
  • Evaluates all costs associated with each project including materials, costs of labor, and time expended.
  • Negotiates contracts with vendors and clients to ensure the most cost effective means of reaching the customer’s needs.
  • Determines the goals of the company or organization
  • Devises plans for each phase of the project
  • Performs quality control checks, ensuring the safety and effectiveness or reliability of the system or product
  • Supervises the installation of the equipment or the manufacturing process of a product
  • Resolves disputes between team members

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Sciences, Math. MS in Engineering, Sciences, and Math is a plus.
  • Experience developing and delivering operational hardware and software
  • Experience in preparing and delivering briefings to management and customers
  • Experience organizing and leading technical reviews Experience with processor implementation
  • Previous experience with electronics design, development, and manufacturing


Skills needed for this role

The Chief Engineer must have the ability to maintain a positive attitude and restore morale to a team. He/She must have the ability to stand, sit and walk for extended periods of time and must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The Chief Engineer must also have the ability to process negative feedback and remain professional and the ability to maintain a positive attitude and restore morale to a team.

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