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Computer Security Specialist

The Computer Security Specialist uses his/her skills and knowledge to prevent cyber attacks on information systems and to keep criminals from gaining access to financial information, military secrets and other confidential data.

Key Responsibilities

  • Troubleshoots server and network security-related issues
  • deny hackers access to a system and set up programs that detect hackers who do intrude onto a system
  • Designs, implements and tests compliant network security systems and solutions
  • Designs and implements safety measures and data recovery plans
  • Responsible for controlling site-specific physical access to computers.
  • Maintains security infrastructures
  • Assesses the status of company IT, network, and security systems.
  • Drafts technical documentation and security guidelines
  • Monitors and protects systems from vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Collaborates with management, staff, department heads and external partners or regulators

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, System Administration or a closely related field
  • Proven previous work experience as a Computer Security Specialist
  • Familiarity with back-end programming languages, including C++ and PHP.
  • Familiarity with security frameworks (e.g. NIST Cybersecurity framework) and risk management methodologies

Skills needed for this role

The Computer Security Specialist must have outstanding communication skills, teamwork and collaboration. He/She must be self-disciplined, focused and must have creative and problem-solving skills. Having analytical and organizational skills are also essential for this role.

Career Level

More than 5 Years Experienced Employee, Supervisory

Job Specializations

Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Management