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Construction Superintendent

The Construction Superintendent is employed by construction companies to manage building projects and supervise the day-to-day activities involved with constructing a new structure. He assesses the resources needed to complete a construction project and generates cost estimates to help set the project budget.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensures quality standards are met
  • Monitors work and materials to ensure quality control standards are met at various stages of the project
  • Ensures all required materials, equipment, and inspections occur to support the project schedule.
  • coordinates all of the activities of their direct employees and any additional contractors and consultants assisting on the project
  • Delegates tasks to team members and creating the staff schedule
  • Leads and manages the on-site construction team
  • Coordinates scheduling of subcontractors, consultants, inspectors and vendors to complete each project on time
  • Prepares work plans and develop temporary facilities for the project
  • Observes all activities on a construction site and maintains a site log that explains what was accomplished and where the construction team needs to resume the next workday

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in construction management, architecture, engineering or another relevant discipline
  • Proven work experience as a Construction Superintendent for more than 5 years
  • Comprehensive understanding of construction processes, including logistics, procurement, and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Basic knowledge of software programs, such as Master Builder, Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Skills needed for this role

The Construction Superintendent must have good planning skills, including design execution, resource allocation and contingencies. He must have a good understanding of construction equipment, including safe operating practices and signs of maintenance issues. Having an in-depth understanding of local, state and federal construction regulations is also essential for this role.

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