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Construction Worker

The Construction Worker is responsible for completing tasks on a construction site according to blueprints to create structurally sound buildings and other structures. Their duties include erecting scaffolding, unloading construction materials and operating heavy machinery to pour concrete and demolish buildings.

Key Responsibilities

  • Uses hand tools, power tools, and heavy construction tools to complete construction projects
  • Takes apart or constructing scaffolding, bracing and other temporary structures for the construction site
  • Readies the construction site each day for the current project by preparing materials, tools, and equipment
  • Builds or moves a variety of structures such as scaffolding, bridges, or barricades etc
  • Leaves construction equipment and tools clean, organized, and stored in an orderly fashion after each use
  • Adheres to safety laws and regulations
  • Follows all local, state, and national building codes and regulations
  • Prepares and applies construction materials to build structures or fill gaps (e.g cement)
  • Assists craft workers such as carpenters or electricians with their duties, if needed

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) preferred, but not required
  • Previous working experience as the construction worker for 3 years
  • Experience in operating equipment like trench rammers, drills, pneumatic hammers etc
  • Knowledge of mixing and pouring construction material (concrete, sand, grout etc.)
  • Familiarity with hand tools such as power drills, hammers, and saws
  • Licensure to work with hazardous materials may be required
  • Physically fit to do strenuous jobs

Skills needed for this role

The Construction Worker must be able to handle the physical demands of the job, including standing, walking, kneeling, bending, crouching, pulling, pushing, climbing, and lifting at least 50 pounds. He must be able to communicate effectively and can work independently and with a team. He must also know construction math skills, including how to convert quantities, take measurements, and solve basic equations.

Career Level

Skilled Worker

Job Specializations