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Corporate Attorney

The Corporate Attorney is responsible for handling all the legal issues and projects of our firm. He/She is responsible for the legitimacy of business transactions and advises the senior administration on a variety of legal issues. The Corporate Attorney advises clients of their rights, responsibilities, and duties under the law.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensures that their clients’ business transactions are in compliance with the law
  • Executes necessary and precautions measures in order to protect company from any legal risks
  • Represents the company in legal proceedings (administrative boards, court trials etc.)
  • Prepares and audits legal reports and other supporting legal documentation.
  • Helps clients create the framework for how a firm is directed and controlled,
  • Advises corporate directors and officers on their rights and responsibilities and other policies used to manage the company
  • Executes necessary precautions and measures with a specific end goal to shield the organization from any legal risks.
  • Ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, including the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers
  • Manages different types of contracts, legal reports and supporting documentation

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law, Political science and other related courses
  • Proven 3+ years of experience as a Corporate Attorney, Corporate Lawyer, Legal Counsel or similar position.
  • Must obtained a Lawyer’s Board certification
  • Legal research skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge about laws and regulations

Skills needed for this role

The Corporate Attorney must have a varied skill set, including business and financial acumen. It is crucial for corporate lawyers to understand the business effect of any legal decisions they make.He/She must be proficient in legal research to ensure that their clients are in compliance with the most recent rules and regulations. He/She must also be excellent writers to communicate with clients and, if a client becomes embroiled in litigation, the court. Finally, corporate lawyers must be skilled negotiators because they need to bargain on behalf of their clients.

Career Level

More than 4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations