Customer Support Specialist position

Customer Support Specialists provide specific information regarding the services, products or materials offered by a company. They answer phones, provide troubleshooting information, report and analyze customers’ information and needs, issue billing details and open and close customer accounts. In summary, they are the direct link between a company and its existing and potential customers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Evaluates system potential through assessing compatibility of new programs with existing programs
  • Provides customer service in a timely manner via several means which include email, face to face interaction, telephone and live chat.
  • Provides detailed information about the products and services offered to the customers.
  • Achieves computer stem objectives through collecting relevant data, identifying and evaluating options and suggesting a course of action
  • Listens to customer complaints and provides adequate solutions for their problem via phone or email.
  • Resolves complaints, making recommendations, and providing information about your company’s products and services
  • Collaborates and builds relationships with customers to strengthen service competitiveness
  • Handles and manages surveys in regards to resolving customer service problems.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or relevant field. High school diploma candidates with the required experience can also be considered.