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A Dentist is a physician that works diagnosing and treating problems concerning a patient’s teeth and gums. They provide regular checkups and cleanings in addition to more detailed procedures like root canals or installing braces.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages the daily operations of a specific dental program, patient care unit, or research function, as appropriate to the objectives of the program.
  • Prescribes drugs like fluorides, pain killers, antibiotics, sedatives/hypnotics, local anesthetics and any other medication that can take care of the various conditions that arise in the neck and head.
  • Accurately interprets x-rays and other diagnostic tests.
  • Carries out agreed clinical treatments like treating gum disease and restoring teeth affected by decay
  • Makes moulds of patients’ teeth and preparing prosthetics such as crowns, plates and implants
  • Provides general dental care by cleaning teeth and filling cavities
  • Corrects teeth alignment or placement by installing braces
  • Removes tooth decay and fill cavities

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Doctoral degree in dental medicine
  • Licensed to practice dentistry in the state of residency required
  • Medical Degree with specialization in Dentistry.
  • Completion of a dentistry residency
  • More than 2 years’ experience working full-time as a Dentist
  • Must have attained a Medical Certification/License
  • Attainment of a medical license.

Skills needed for this role

The Dentist should know how to develop strong relationships with patients and their families and has excellent chairside manners. He/She must have the ability to observe, assess, and record symptoms, reactions, and progress. He/She must have the ability to maintain quality, safety, and/or infection control standards and has the knowledge of related accreditation and certification requirements.

Career Level
Doctor of Medicine

Job Specializations
Healthcare, Dentistry