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Dermatologists are doctors of the skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. They treat common skin ailments such as sunburns, acne, and rashes. They also treat serious skin conditions, such as skin cancer. They may also perform cosmetic services, such as scar removal or hair transplants.

Key Responsibilities

  • Counsels patients on topics such as the need for annual dermatologic screenings, sun protection, skin cancer awareness, or skin and lymph node self-examinations.
  • Recommends appropriate products
  • Performs non-invasive surgical procedures on the skin.
  • Performs incisional biopsies to diagnose melanoma.
  • Tracks and maintains patients’ records regularly
  • Recommends diagnostic tests based on patients histories and physical examination findings.
  • Talks to patients about the status of their skin health.
  • Prescribes hormonal agents or topical treatments

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Graduate of pre-meds courses; Doctor of Medicine
  • Medical Degree with specialization in Dermatology.
  • Completion of a dermatology residency
  • More than 2 years’ experience working full-time as a dermatologist
  • Must have attained a Medical Certification/License
  • Attainment of a medical license.

Skills needed for this role

Dermatologists must be emotionally stable, motivated to serve others, able to work long hours, and willing to engage in lifelong learning. Compassion for patients and good communication, organization, and problem-solving skills are key. Dermatologists should also be detail oriented, manually dexterous, and patient when dealing with individuals or young children who are anxious about treatments.

Career Level

Doctor of Medicine

Job Specializations

Healthcare, Dermatology